Vice Chancellor, Punjabi University Patiala Giving away the Gold Medal to Dolphin Students

bsc agriculture application Form
MANVEEN KAUR (90%) M. Sc Microbiology Batch:-2011-2013
Agriculture Colleges In Chandigarh
PUNEET KAUR (84%) M. Sc Microbiology Batch:-2012-2014
Agriculture Colleges In Chandigarh
SAURAV SINGH (70.8%) B. Sc Industrial Microbiology Batch:- 2010-2013
Agriculture Colleges In Chandigarh
RUPALI SHARMA (70.64) B. Sc Industrial Microbiology Batch:-2009-2012
Agriculture College
SYAM SUNDER GUPTA (76.83%) M. Sc Pharmaceutical Chemistry Batch:-2009-2011
agriculture college courses
NEHA RANI (75%) M. Sc Medical Biotechnology Batch:-2009-2011
Agriculture courses
SHWETA BANSAL (73%) M. Sc Bioinformatics Batch:-2009-2011
agriculture colleges
ROUF AHMAD (71.16%) B. Sc Industrial Microbiology Batch:-2008-2011
bsc fisheries science
NEEMA SHARMA (78%) M. Sc Pharmaceutical Chemistry Batch:-2010-2012
Bachelor of Fisheries Science
KULVEER KAUR (74.6%) M. Sc Medical Biotechnology Batch:-2010-2012