M.S.C Biotechnology

Introduction of M.S.C Biotechnology (2 year 4 sem )

Biotechnology is a revolutionary science with proven impact in the health, medicine, food, environment and energy sectors. If you enjoy science and technology, investigating, solving problems and innovation then this course is designed to equip you for a career in biotechnology.

  • Duration:5 years (10 semesters)

Eligibility for M.S.C Biotechnology

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    M.S.C Biotechnology Courses Study Program

    Cell biology, Cytogenetics, Molecular Biology, Biology and Diversity of Viruses, Bacteria and Fungi, Biology and Diversity of Algae and Bryophytes, Molecular Genetics, Biology and Diversity of Pteridophytes and Gymnosperm, Taxonomy of Angiosperms, Plant Physiology, Plant Metabolism, Plant Development, Plant Reproduction, Plant Ecology: Principles and Concepts, Plant Resource Utilization, Phyto-geography and Applied Ecology, Plant Diversity and Conservation, Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture, Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering, Specialization Option (i): Crop genetics and Plant breeding (Paper-A) Option (ii): Plant Pathology (Paper-B)

      Facilities in the Department

      Our mission is to discover, maintain, and transmit knowledge concerning basic plant biology and provide leadership in the biological sciences. Students and researchers have access to microscopy facilities, herbarium specimens, spacious well equipped laboratories viz., molecular biology, biotechnology, tissue culture, bioactive compound separation etc. Instruments like RT-PCR, PCRs, Gel Doc System, refrigerated Centrifuge are available in the Department at the disposal of faculty, research scholars and students. In addition to teaching through modern techniques, seminars, symposia, workshops, invited lectures and botanical excursions are an integral part of academic programme of the department. A good Botanical Garden is also available with many species of trees, herbs, medicinal plants, palms, gymnosperms, an algal pond, some species of Cacti, Ferns and fern allies.

        Career Opportunities After M.S.C Biotechnology

        Considering the current scenario like population explosion and other anthropogenic pressures affecting the flora, opportunities for the botanists widens further in exploring the possible way out of agricultural, horticulture and environmental related issues. Thus besides fruitful career in teaching and research, a lot of opportunities in reputed organisations are available as Taxonomist, Horticulturist, Geneticist, Plant biochemist, Molecular biologist, Plant Pathologist, Environmental consultant, nature conservation officer, Ecologist, Conservationists etc. both at national and international level.
        M.Sc in Botany pass out students can get placed in National Park Service, Departments of Conservation and Land Management, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services, Public Health Service, Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Departments of Environmental Protection, Departments of Agriculture and Water, Nature Conservancy, Environmental Protection Agency, Medical Plant Resources Laboratory. Apart from that one has opportunities at Private Sector and also there is a scope for self employment. Students can have job opportunities in companies like Charak Pharmaceuticals, Indian Herbs, Omshakamberi herbals pvt Ltd, Naturise Herbal Products, Dabour India Limited, & Sahul India limited.