Bachelor of Tourism & Tour Management.(B.T.T.M)


Travel and Tourism sector is growing at a good pace in India. The Government is giving much importance to tourism sector. Various plans and initiatives have been designed and developed by the Government, keeping tourism sector in mind. This is a good sign. Tourism sector will employ many Indian nationals and help generate more revenue. With the increase in the size of this sector, tourism industry is also going to need increased number of qualified travel and tourism professionals. The field of travel and tourism primarily deals with taking care of tourists, hospitality management, travel management, tour management etc. It offers diverse job opportunities. India is a well known tourist destination. Heritage, cultural and medical tourists throng Indian tourist destinations each year. Travel and Tourism management professionals may manage the accommodation, travel modes, tour program and overall stay of such tourists in India. Not only in India, travel and tourism professionals may also perform the above mentioned tasks abroad, where they may take Indian nationals on tours!
Duration:4 Years