Top BSc Operation Theatre Technology Colleges In Jhansi

Top BSc Operation Theatre Technology colleges in Jhansi

Top BSc Operation Theatre Technology colleges in Jhansi – BSc operational theatre technology is a very good course that is very high in demand. It’s a course that will provide you with the expertise and give you the skills to work and operate the operation theatre technology in the best possible way. In this blog, we will have a look at the top colleges for BSc Operations theatre technology colleges in Jhansi. 

Top BSc Operation Theatre Technology colleges in Jhansi 

1) Dolphin PG College 

The college has years of experience in providing the best education for students in the medical field. It was started in the year 2006. They have the best infrastructure facilities. The college offers courses in many different undergraduate and graduate courses. Their mission has been to become the msot reputed and msot trusted educational institute in the country. Also, want to indulge the core values in the students so that they can enhance themselves physically and mentally. The advanced laboratories and equipment help the student to gain the concept in the best possible way. They offer many undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Dolphin Pg College has been the best college for the BSc and MSc colleges and provides the best guidance. The courses are designed in the best possible way so that students can learn easily.

Why to choose the Dolphin PG College?

  • They have world-class infrastructure and a training program for indoor and outdoor classes is very effective and beneficial.
  • The student has the freedom to go and work on their own and use the college infrastructure for the betterment of their future.
  • The faculty is very experienced and has years of experience in teaching and doing practicals.
  • The dedicated space for every activity so that students can learn things in a better environment.
  • The college organizes programs that help student increase their confidence and help them to have a better personality. The medical professions require a workforce that is mentally and physically strong.
  • The college also organizes different programs and classes for the staff so that they can update themselves with the latest trends and can then update the students and help them learn new concepts.
  • They have a very good culture where students learn in the best possible way. The surroundings are very positive and the staff is very supportive.

Address – 18 Km, Chandigarh-Sirhind State Highway 12-A, P.O.- Chunni Kalan, District – Fatehgarh Sahib. Punjab 140406

2) Shri Krishna University 

The university is also among the best institutes for the BSc in operational theatre technology. The university has extremely relevant courses. Due to this reason, it has gained such popularity. Have the best infrastructure facilities, and provide the best knowledge most effectively so that students can learn easily and effectively. The campus has the best atmosphere where they can learn with full attention and can learn much faster. They have the best placements so that everyone can get the best placements with good entry-level salaries. Sri Krishna university is among the best institutes for medical-related courses.

Address – Village Chauka, N-H 86, Chhatrasal Chowk to Sagar Rd, Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh 471001

3) Integral University 

The university is among the top BSc Operational Theatre Technology colleges in Uttar Pradesh. Their mission is to become the best institute in the country. Integral University has a vision where they want to provide a world-class education so that students can learn the concepts in the best possible way. The facility is experiencing and has also won major awards in the education and teaching sector. They have planned the courses so that it can be very beneficial for the students to learn easily and effectively. 

Address – XX5X+85, Kursi Rd, Dashauli, Uttar Pradesh 226026

4) Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences 

One of the most renowned and established institutes in the country, the Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences provides an education that is world-class and has the best curriculum designed for the students. The college has an advanced infrastructure and laboratories that are equipped with the latest technology. The institute has personality development classes where one can enhance their personality and improve their confidence so that they can easily handle the tough situations of the medical sector.

Address – New PMSSY Rd, Raibareli Rd, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226014 

5) IIMT University

They have a campus which is spread around 100 acres of land. This college has dedicated space for different sections and departments, has space for sports as well where students can easily become physically stronger and personality development classes to enhance personality and self-confidence. The college has support for medical emergencies, and many different facilities so that students can easily learn in a better environment and can easily withstand any difficulty.

Address – O Pocket, Ganga Nagar, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh 250001


Of all the above-mentioned universities and colleges the best college for the BSc in operational theatre technology is Dolphin PG College. They have been on the top list for many years and students have shown an interest in themselves. The college has a very good reputation and provides many different courses other than BSc in Operational theatre technology. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q – What are the job opportunities after doing a BSc in Operational theatre technology?

A – you have plenty of options to choose from. You can work in hospitals, and clinics, and also can go for higher studies.

Q – How much time does it take for the BSc?

A – It is a degree for 3 years.

Q – What is the starting salary of a BSc Operational theatre technologist?

A – They are paid very well. The starting salary may vary from 20k to 40k depending on the experience and skills.

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