Top BSC Optometry Colleges in Jhansi

Top BSc Optometry Colleges in India

Top BSC Optometry Colleges in JhansiThe 4-year B.Sc Optometry Technology program focuses on the study of examination, diagnosis, treatment, and management of diseases and disorders of the visual system. It is a vision care science. This is a dynamic and challenging career option in the medical field. Get to know more about the Top BSc Optometry Colleges in Jhansi.

It allows one to help people, achieve personal growth, community respect, job flexibility and financial success and offers virtually unlimited opportunities. In addition, the program is envisaged to develop a multipurpose ophthalmic workforce at the allied health program level.

This UG program will enable a student to become competent in providing service as an Optician, Optometrist, Refractions Specialist, and Ophthalmic Assistant.

Why Study a Bachelor of Optometry Course in Jhansi?

  • Studying a Bachelor of Optometry course allows students to delve into the intricate details of eye anatomy and physiology.
  • One of the primary focuses of the Bachelor of Optometry program is to equip students with the expertise to correct vision impairments.
  • Throughout the Optometry Bachelor’s degree, students gain knowledge and skills in identifying and treating conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and many others.
  • Optometrists not only possess technical expertise but also excel in patient care and communication.
  • The demand for qualified optometrists continues to grow, making a B OPTOM course an excellent choice for individuals seeking diverse career opportunities. Graduates can explore various professional avenues, including private practice, hospitals, research institutions, eye clinics, corporate settings, and even academia.

Top BSc Optometry Colleges in Jhansi

Top BSc Optometry Colleges in India

BSc Optometry course opens a wide variety of career opportunities to the graduates. They can work in various settings such as primary healthcare, corporate, public sector or even move into research and academics. Let’s have a look at the Top BSc Optometry Colleges in Jhansi –

1. Dolphin PG College of Excellence in Paramedical and Life Science

Dolphin (PG) College of Excellence in Paramedical and Life Sciences started functioning on 2006. The college is sponsored by the Yuva Education Society- New Delhi. It has grown to its Present stature under the able and dynamic leadership of Chairman Dr. Vinod Mittal.

Dolphin PG College

Dolphin (PG) College is an independent, coeducational,premier institution provides opportunities to the student community to make mark as Excellence in Paramedical and Life Sciences professionals and to transform & globalize their personalities. Currently the College offers 12, Post Graduate and Under Graduate and New Courses 2019-20 in the field of Excellence in Paramedical and Life Sciences.

Aside from career options such as assisting ophthalmic doctors in government hospitals and private clinics, an optometrist can also go for pursuing a private practice.

Successful graduates of the course interested in higher studies in the discipline may go for pursuing PhD or M. Sc. in the subject.

Such graduates can find career options like the ones listed here:

  • Assisting ophthalmologists in hospitals/ clinics.
  • Practice in optical establishments.
  • Run optical shops.
  • Offer clinical services to multinationals dealing with the manufacturing and distribution of ophthalmic lenses, contact lenses and ophthalmic instruments.
Name of the Institution Dolphin PG College
Address 18 Kms, Chandigarh-Sirhind State Highway 12-A, P.O.- Chunni kalan, District – Fatehgarh Sahib. Punjab 140406.
Contact Number +91 84272 44774, + 91 84272 44882
Email Address
Google Maps

2. Shri Venkateshwara University

B.Sc. in Optometry (B.OPT.) at Shri Venkateshwara University is a 3 years course at the UG level. The university is located at Gajraula, Dist. Amroha, Uttar Pradesh to promote excellence in higher education and give equal access to value education to the rural population for a vibrant and inclusive society through knowledge creation and dissemination. The university campus sprawling over 60 acres is lush green, serene, pollution and calm which provides an awesome ambience for the dedicated and committed academic and research communities.

Shri Venkateshwara University

An emerging University dedicated to carving out students with inspiring insights towards success and thus becoming an important destination for higher learning. The campus is well furnished with a large number of facilities as described on the front page of the prospectus.

Address: Rajabpur, NH-24, Venkateshwara Nagar, Gajraula, Uttar Pradesh 244236


Upon completing the Bachelor of Optometry course, graduates have a wide range of career opportunities available to them. Once graduate with a Bachelor of Optometry, they can choose to work in private practice, where they can provide comprehensive eye examinations, prescribe corrective lenses, and manage various eye conditions. Professionals working in Optometry often work closely with ophthalmologists, referring patients for further medical treatment when necessary.

The Bachelor of Optometry course offers a promising career scope for graduates. Whether in private practice, hospitals, research, or the corporate sector, Bachelor of Optometry course graduates have the opportunity to make a significant impact on the health and well-being of individuals by providing comprehensive eye care services.

FAQs on Top BSc Optometry Colleges in Jhansi

Q1. What is the highest package of BSc optometry?

A: BSC Optometrist salary in India with less than 1 year of experience to 5 years ranges from ₹ 0.2 Lakhs to ₹ 5.0 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 2.2 Lakhs based on 65 latest salaries.

Q2. What is the scope of B SC optometry?

A: They can find jobs in lens manufacturing units, optician showrooms, and multinational companies dealing with eye care products, etc. Some posts are Optometrist, Optician, Sales Executive, Teacher, Eye Doctor, etc. The salary of the graduates depends on various factors, including experience, skills and job profile.

Q3. How to get admission in BSc optometry?

A: To get admission to Bachelor of Optometry, candidates must have completed their Class 12 level education in Science subjects i.e. Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics or Biology. The popular entrance exams conducted for Bachelor of Optometry are CUET, TJEE, KCET, GUJCET, GITAM GAT, and IUET.

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