M.Sc Cardiac Care Technology

Duration: - 2 Years (4 Sem)

Eligibility criteria: The candidate must have a bachelor's degree in science from a recognized university with minimum marks as specified by theuniversity.

Scope : Since this course deals with the care and treatment of diseases related to the cardiopulmonary system and involves procedures such as diagnosis, medicine, surgery, rehabilitation, patient education etc. There are plenty of jobs available in government as well as private sector. Cardiac Care Technology course helps students in acquiring better management skills for different cardiac disorders. The course trains them in applying specialized occupational theory and building skills which enables them to as cardiovascular technologists and in various otherpositions.

Career Prospects and Job Opportunities : A Cardiac Care Technologist operates and monitors relevant equipments used during diagnosis and surgery. They monitor vital signs such as pulse rate, heart beat etc. Sometime they are also involved in patient rehabilitation & education. Cardiac Technologists assist physicians in diagnosing and treating cardiac (heart) and peripheral vascular (blood vessel) conditions, preparing patients for open-heart surgery, implanting pacemakers, monitoring patients during these procedures, performing cardiac stress tests and electrocardiograms, using and maintaining the medical equipment that catches irregular heartbeats working in laboratory settings on real patients, management of various cardiac disorders having complex diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.
Cardiac Technologists use diagnostic cardiology equipment and monitor resultant data, typically in assistance to a physician. Cardiac tech jobs are available in a variety of specialties including invasive cardiology, vascular technology, echocardiography, noninvasivecardiology