M.Sc. Microbiology

M.Sc. Microbiology in Chandigarh – Microbiology can be defined as the biology of microscopic organisum or life too small to be seen with nake eye. Microbiology covers several , including virlogy (Study of Viruses) ,bacteriology (Study of bacteria) mycology (Study of Fungi), and parasitolgy (Study of Parasites).Each of these disicipline are included in Microbiology , but its not limited to the study of infections and disease – causing microorganisms only
Duration:2 Years (4 Semesters)

Job Opportunities

A microbiologist finds opeming the following sectors phrama Sector to study the microbes antibiotics and developing vaccine by fermentation ,Food /Fermentation Industry : to maintain the quality of food products and prevent their spoilage by Microorganisms Agro Industry to develop bioterlizers and Bio pesticides ,Enviromenal industry to import consultancy to the industries for setting up operations & maintaince of ETPs and research & Development /Teaching to conduct research in private / Goverment establishments and impart teaching a the UG /PG level The Microbiologist gets placed in companies /indsutries organization Phramaceutical Industries Food Industry Chemical Indsutry Chemical Industries Enviromental Agencies & Agriculture Departments

M.Sc. Microbiology Eligibilty

The Candidates who passed the Bachelor Degree in the Sciences with subjects in the Life Sciences /Biological /Medical /Enginnering /Food /Agriculture /HOme sciences and medical lab technology (MLT) are eligible BEsides the candidates who have passed the Bachelor Degree in science with the following subjects ae also eligible Mathematics /Statics /physics and chemistry with minimum of 50% marks (45% marks for SC /ST students.

Study Programme

General Microbiology bacetriolgy ,Virology Micribial physiology and biochemstry immunology , Medical Microbiology , Mycology and plant pathology , Molecular Biology and genetic Engineering Diagnostic Microbiology Enviroment Biotechnology ,Avances in industrial Microbiology Bio-Information and statics Project work