Introduction of Diploma in Agriculture (2Year)

Agriculture Diploma in Chandigarh – Agriculture is concerned with cultivation, processing and marketing of crops & livestock. Most of the specializations in agriculture have a strong focus on the innovative use of technologies for higher productivity and optimal use of natural resources. India is one of the leading agricultural country in the world, agricultural sector contributes 29.4% of GDP and employs about 64% of the work force.
Duration:2 Years (4 Semesters)

[eikra-vc-text-title style=”style2″ title=”Eligibility for Diploma in Agriculture”]A person who has secured at least 50% marks ( 45% in case of candidate belonging to Scheduled cast/tribes) of the aggregate marks in 10th Class pattern or equivalent examination from recognized Board/University shall be eligible to join the first semester of the course OR Intermediate/10th with agriculture subjects.[/eikra-vc-text-title][eikra-vc-text-title style=”style2″ title=”Career Opportunities After Agriculture Course”]Agriculture has both of opportunity in government as well in private sectors. Unlimited career opportunities exist for agricultural and agro-based graduates in recent years due to changes in global economy and trade liberalization. Market-led agriculture, technology-led agriculture, consumer driven agriculture, futures marketing, intellectual property rights, agribusiness, precision farming, bio-fuel crops, micro irrigation, and market intelligence area a few areas which shape the agriculture of the future.
A lot of opportunities exist in State Government Agricultural departments, Agriculture Development Officer (ADO) or as Block Development Officer, Food Corporation of India, and Central institute for fish agriculture, agriculture officer in banks, Dairy consultancies, insurance companies and the animal industry. Additionally, plenty of job opportunities exist in Microbiology laboratories, Biochemistry laboratories, Genetic engineering laboratories, Botany laboratories, Plant biology laboratories.Students can have job opportunities in companies like Monsanto, Syngenta, Bayer Crop Science, Shriram Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd., Jain Irrigation System Ltd., Reliance Industries Ltd., Nuziveedu Seeds Ltd., Raasi Seeds Ltd., Biscco Agro Products Pvt. Ltd., National Agro Industries., Krshidhan Seeds Pvt. Ltd., Naamdhari Seeds Pvt. Ltd., Bharat Agro Molecules, Atlas Industries, Amarseeds Pvt. Ltd.[/eikra-vc-text-title][eikra-vc-text-title style=”style2″ title=”Why to choose Agriculture Course”]In choosing of Agriculture Degree you will be joining one of the most highly regarded departments in India. Agriculture is the mainstay of rural communities, and a significant Indian industry sector. The breadth of the Agriculture degree includes agricultural diversification, environment management, and agricultural production systems and it will provide you with the practical and theoretical understanding to manage a sustainable business.Completion of the Agriculture degree you will have the core capabilities and skills demanded by employers. This BSC IN AGRICULTURE offers you a detailed tour of all aspects of the agricultural industry and Agriculture Institutes looking at a range of highly important subjects such as sustainability, environmental management and technology. This course will prepare you for work in this modern industry, which demands detailed knowledge across a broad range of areas.[/eikra-vc-text-title][eikra-vc-text-title style=”style2″ title=”Lab Facilities”]Digital pH meter, Electric Conductivity Meter, Tensiometer, 2 Strock and 4 Strock I. C. Engine,Barometer, Rain Gauge, Anemometer, Soil Thermometer, Stevensun Sun Screen, Sunsine Recorder, Gurber Centrifuge, butyrometer, Different Ploughing Tools, Oven, Laminar Flow, Water Distillation, Shaker, Hot Plates, Growth Chamber, Soil Testing Kit, Electronic Water and Soil Analysis Kit.[/eikra-vc-text-title]