Top Agriculture Colleges in Nepal

Top Agriculture Colleges in Nepal – Visionary students appreciate the overwhelming contribution of agriculture to the nation’s economy. They personally want to explore the roots of this ever-growing industry too, by developing a professional mindset. This is to confabulate on some of the leading agriculture institutions in Nepal that offer professional UG & PG course programs to aspirants.

Top Agriculture Colleges in Nepal

The history of agriculture has walked a long way from the evolution of the Indus Valley Civilization. Presently, the agricultural industry is one of the celebrated and significant elements of the Indian economy. It encompasses approx. 60% of the Indian population engaged in various activities across different segments.

Statistically, the Indian agricultural sector contributed about INR 20.7 trillion to the Indian economy in fiscal 2018. Being the primary source of livelihood for over half of the Indian population, agriculture is a great employer as well. The sector has registered noteworthy progress across dimensions falling under the field. This affair has led to a whopping demand for professionals in agriculture.

BSc Agriculture Course: A Key to Observe the Endless Career Possibilities in the Agriculture Field

There’re umpteen course programs that students can perceive to build a career in agriculture. Students can step along with Certificate, Diploma, Bachelor, Master and Doctoral courses to gain educational proficiency. The pick of the day is Bachelor of Science in Agriculture or BSc in Agriculture course.

BSc Agriculture is a 4-year course program, specifically designed for enthusiasts who want to carve skills in the respective orbit. The undergraduate (UG) course concept teaches students the latest methodologies, prospects and practices required in the agriculture field. The BSc in agriculture delivers knowledge about versatile scenarios such as Plant Pathology, Seed Production, Horticulture, Floriculture, Soil Science, Agronomy, Forestry and many more.

In terms of eligibility, students with the 12th standard in the science stream (Chemistry, Physics, Biology) are eligible to take this undergraduate course. However, they must have gained a minimum of 50% of the aggregate score. Similarly, different colleges have unique admission processes for the BSc agriculture course. Some prefer personal interview & counseling, while others follow candidates’ performance in the entrance exams.

Top Agriculture Colleges in Nepal 2021

Are you curious about grabbing the list of top-notch colleges to pursue a BSc agriculture course in Nepal? This section is truly the end of your thirst. Given the flourishing agricultural realms across industries, there has been an exponential surge in the number of agriculture institutions. If you are confused about selecting the best one, make sure to navigate through the following listing of reputed selections:

Dolphin PG College of Science & Agriculture

Established in 2006, Dolphin PG College of Science & Agriculture understands the modern needs and demand patterns of the agriculture field. Accordingly, it conveys innovative study solutions through UG and PG course programs. The BSc in Agriculture is a dedicated prospect through which students get hold of advanced skills and experiences.

Further, the renowned agriculture institute positions state-of-the-art infrastructural facilities for students. In addition to the favorable learning atmosphere, the college also promises to serve aspirants with sports and medical facilities, canteen, gymnasium, auditorium and lots of other amenities.

Agriculture and Forestry University

AFU was founded in the year 2010 in Chitwan, Nepal. It is known for endowing quality education as well as career guidance to help students catch the right career path. The noble motive of the institute is to produce qualitative and skilled professionals to aid the nation’s agriculture industry. Individuals can join AFU to carry on with undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma and certificate courses in agriculture.

Paklihawa Agriculture Campus

It is another considerable college in Nepal to enroll in a BSc agriculture course. Delivering the finest values and personality development opportunities, the college entitles to make students futuristic and optimistic. The affordable fee system is another trait that attracts candidates predominately.

Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science

IAAS is a pioneer in the education sector in Nepal. It is affiliated with Tribhuvan University. The agriculture college is an autonomous academic center that pledges to provide professional course programs in various disciplines such as agriculture, veterinary, and animal sciences. Since its inception, IAAS has done revolutionary work in the science education field.

Himalayan College of Agricultural Science and Technology

HICAST is the produce of minds of a group of professionals. It was inaugurated in 2000 under the venerable leadership of Dr. Binayak P. Rajbhandari. Further, the college is committed to delivering high-quality education services to produce proficient professionals for the nation. BSc agriculture is a career-oriented course with a reasonable fee.

The Final Extract

Interested readers might have found what they were searching for in this blog. It is the stockpile of some top agriculture colleges in Nepal to pursue professional undergraduate and postgraduate course programs in agriculture. Hopefully, you find the blog worth reading.

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