BSc Dialysis Technology Colleges in Chandigarh

BSc Dialysis Technology Colleges Chandigarh

BSc Dialysis Technology Colleges in Chandigarh – Dialysis treatment is viewed as a Life-saving therapy by far. That has aimed to extend the improvising and survival of the quality of life. The therapy is inducible and keeps the body running as normally as possible. When the kidneys are not working, the salt and other waste products accumulate in the blood giving poison to the human body. In this blog, we will discuss about BSc Dialysis Technology Colleges in Chandigarh stay with us and get more information. 

A Dialysis Technologist supervises “hemodialysis” with the assistance of an auxiliary person. The dialysis technologist is surprisingly responsible for the role to initiate the treatment under the supervision of a registered nurse and physician. The dialysis technologist personnel are responsible for the medical devices and equipment. Astonishingly, treatment of patients is done with slightly partial or permanent kidney damage.

BSc Dialysis Technology Colleges in Chandigarh

What is Dialysis Technology?

The dialysis technologists’, usually monitor and operate the machine that is specifically made for the treatment. As the treatment removes, waste and excess fluids from the blood of the patients. The kidneys are no longer at a functional pace. In addition to the preparation and monitoring of the treatment, dialysis technicians also prepare for the post-treatment reports.

Dialysis technology nowadays is the most frequent treatment which involves circulation. Two needles are inserted in the patient’s veins, and are also attached to ECC (Extracorporeal Circuit) also mentioned as the “dialysis circuit”. Precisely, that consists of a plastic blood tube known as a “Dialyzer” or “Artificial Kidney”.

What is a BSc in Dialysis Technology and Why Opt for it?

The 3 years certified degree course in paramedical science. The highly specialized field of “Nephrology” is termed “Kidney Care”. The 12th medical or equivalent qualification aspirants are eligible for a BSc in Dialysis Technology. Moreover, providing and giving stronger paramedical support and backend system facilities to the hospitals.

The Bachelor of Science in Dialysis Technology plays a sturdy role in giving a backup to patients suffering from kidney diseases. Coupled with, improving the quality of knowledge during the learning period.  Such that also had the experience hand of a six-month internship during the course. The course is designated in such a way that the aspirants can administer “Haemodialysis” under the governance of a nurse or physician.

Aspirants wanting to have detailed knowledge about the process and caretaking of Nephrology can opt for the course. As the course is precisely for those individuals, who want to serve and volunteer in the need of kidney diseases.  

Top BSc Dialysis Technology Colleges in Chandigarh 2023

| Dolphin PG College Of Sciences and Agriculture, Chandigarh |

Firstly, the prominent college for the Bachelor in Dialysis Technology in Chandigarh was established back in 2006. Secondly, the college provides numerous courses in the field of Paramedical, life sciences and recognizably in Agriculture too. Dolphin College is recognized to be a Grade –”A” certified and accredited and affiliated college in Chandigarh.

Providing the opportunity, to have tremendous courses of bachelor’s as well as master’s in the field of paramedical, biotechnology, pharmaceutical chemistry, and human genetics. The college provides a BSc in Dialysis Technology with online database software and also provides the best hands-on experience.

| Rayat Bahra University |

The private university “Rayat Bahra University” was established back in 2014 in Mohali, Chandigarh. Including, the Rayat Bahra Group. The University is UGC- UGC-recognized and also a member of AIU. Providing the best infrastructure, advanced tools, and equipment for the laboratories and also for sports and recreation. The university has primarily set an example for the Multi-cultures, giving admissions to the students of various nationalities.

The university also provides well-developed scholarships and has maintained the dignity of well-placed students in India as well as worldwide. With a good placement of 73 percent in 2020. Provides an opportunity to enhance your skills with various aspects and activities.

| Chitkara School of Health Sciences |

The UGC-approved institution “Chitkara School of Health Sciences” was established back in 2011 in Chandigarh. The strong institution collaborated with various organizations such as Fortis Healthcare, and Synapse Physio Pvt. Ltd.

The university has in total eleven institutions under it, which are full-time courses as well as distance Courses. Mainly the School of Health Science focuses on practical and clinical exposure. Such as providing, the best to the healthcare departments.


Therefore, finding a good BSc Dialysis Technology Colleges in Chandigarh isn’t rocket science. You just need to have an insight, into which college provides the best aspect of clinical exposure such that experience hands are maintained as a Dialysis Technologist.

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BSc Dialysis Technology Colleges Chandigarh