BSC Dialysis Technology Colleges in Haryana

BSC Dialysis Technology Colleges in Haryana

BSC Dialysis Technology Colleges in Haryana – Dialysis Technology is mentioned as the highly specialized field of “nephrology” termed as kidney care”.The dialysis technologist is blemishing responsible, for the role to provide the treatment under the supervision of a physician and the registered nurse. Responsible for all the medical devices and equipment involved in renal replacement therapy. As for reprocessing and water treatment equipment.

Dialysis is astonishingly a treatment for patients dealing with partial, lateral, or permanent kidney damage. It has become the new millennium in struggling, to find out the role between the high-tech therapy or the commodity. For the patients suffering from End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD). Dialysis is the only left renal replacement therapy available other than kidney transplantation.

BSC Dialysis Technology Colleges in Haryana

What is Dialysis Technology?

Healthcare plans are getting tighter with the reimbursements and part of the money is usually spent for technological advances. Dialysis Technology is the most frequent treatment involving the circulation of a patient’s blood outside the body through or by an Extracorporeal Circuit (ECC) also known as “dialysis circuit”.

Two needles are inserted into the patient’s veins or access site. And are also attached to the ECC, consisting of plastic blood tubing, a filter known as “Dialyzer” or “Artificial Kidney”. Moreover, the dialysis machine monitors and maintains the blood flow by administrating dialysate. Haemodialysis is performed by dialysis technologists and is mostly prescribed for kidney care.

Why opt BSc in Dialysis Technology:

Bachelors of Science in Dialysis Technology is a three-year certified degree course in paramedical science. Aspirants having 12th medical or equivalent qualification are eligible for the course. That prepares students to become trained personal and experienced dialysis technicians. Providing stronger paramedical support and compulsion backend system to hospitals. Dialysis technicians work closely with nephrologists, carrying out regular dialysis and various preparatory procedures. Including the sterilizations and maintenance of machines.

Awaiting the transplant to take place safely and securely. The bachelor’s in dialysis technology plays an important role in ameliorating the suffering of patients suffering from kidney diseases. And also helps improve the quality of knowledge during the learning period. There is the growth of a large number of patients, thereby opting for the ever-expanding field and learning to serve the country and the world. The average course fee of BSc in dialysis technology is out to be INR 20,000 – 3,00,000. The course is usually designed to shape the students in such a way that they can administer Hemodialysis treatments to patients with any kidney-related issues. Under the governance of nurses or physicians.

Eligibility Criteria and Admission Process:

The aspirants are eligible for admission:

  • Have completed their 12th class examination in a medical stream from a recognized board of education
  • Minimum aggregate marks should be 45-50 percent in Physics Chemistry and Biology or Mathematics
  • Either by entrance test or the choice of university to conduct any form. May it be merit-based or entrance-based.

The admission process is based on the type of test that the university or the institution is willingly taking:

  • Entrance based admission
  • Merit-based admission

Job Prospects and Career Option:

The duties performed under the administration of nurses and doctors include recording patients’ instructions and measuring a patient’s major signs before, during, and after their dialysis. Having a course of career options in:

  • Clinical coordinator
  • Lecturer
  • Nephrologist
  • Medical technician
  • Dialysis technician
  • Dialysis therapist

Top colleges in Haryana 2022

Having an insight into the top-recommended colleges is an essential step towards getting secure and sturdy knowledge about the domain that we are interested in. As the educational preferred by a well-recognized institution or college provides us with a beneficiary, of having a vast knowledge perspective or an experienced hand. Below is the list of top colleges in Haryana:

  • Dolphin PG College of Sciences and Agricultures – The college came into function and laid its foundation in the year 2006. Accordingly, in the updated years, the college is offering 12 wide courses including undergraduate and postgraduate learning, providing with the experienced hand in highly-technological machinery. The college is affiliated with well organized 57 years of experience i.e. Punjabi University, Patiala. Having the vision to be the topmost leading college all over India, with providing the most reputed and well-organized candidates to the healthcare Institutions.
  • Ansal University- AU: The private university in Haryana, providing education in multi-disciplines including science, engineering, management, and art. Established in 2006 by combining various schools set up by the Ansal University House. Providing with the bachelor’s as well as Masters in Dialysis technology in the school of ailed health Sciences. With hostel facilities, knowledge resource center, sports opportunities, and also foreign exchange/short-term study. With well-maintained alumni.
  • Starex University: located in Gurugram, Haryana. The university offers various courses including the dialysis technician program.
  • Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth: The private co-educational university in Haryana. Earlier the university worked and organized under Maharishi Dayanand University. In 1988 when it was established under Maharishi Dayanand University of Lingaya’s Institute of Management and Technology. The institute gained deemed status in 2009-10 and was officially named as Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth. Under section 3 of the UGC act 1956, the university fully-fledged got the name as deemed to be Lingaya’s University.


Therefore, going to opt the field of dialysis technologist, try to be ensured, of have gained your knowledge from the best and most recognized institutes and universities available in Haryana. As opting for the field in paramedical isn’t a joke and care thoroughly and with the interesting fact of having served the nation.

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