BSc Optometry Colleges In Himachal Pradesh

BSc Optometry Colleges In Himachal Pradesh

BSc Optometry Colleges in Himachal Pradesh– Medical science for the ocular area has seen improvement unlike any other. People have been under a lot of stress lately due to increased screen time on TV, laptop, and smartphones. The strain on the eyes leads to major implications on health. Eye surgeons need optometrists for proper diagnosis and testing the vision of the patient. Many educational institutes prepare the students to become optometrist that work in synch with the ophthalmologist to treat the patient’s eye condition. This article tends to guide students to take admission in the top BSc Optometry Colleges in Himachal Pradesh as per their likings.

BSc Optometry Colleges In Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is a land of natural beauty and wonder. This state is also home to many prestigious colleges that offer a BSc degree in optometry to the students. This B.Sc. degree in optometry gives knowledge on various methods of visual screening, vision training, optometriccounseling of patients with partial sight to the students. It also teaches the student about the diagnosis of visual problems, color blindness, and designing and fitting of spectacles, contact lens, and low vision aids.

This course falls under the category of paramedical sciences as the students after completion of the course work in healthcare institutes. The BSc Optometry colleges prepare the students to successfully work and donate to the vision care department of paramedical sciences.  The candidates are admitted to the course based on merit and entrance exams.

B.Sc. Optometry Colleges in Himachal Pradesh

Dolphin (PG) College of Science & Agriculture

Formerly known as Dolphin PG College of life sciences, the institute came into operation in the year 2006 with the support of Yuva Education Society, New Delhi. Along with other paramedical courses, B.Sc. in Optometry is also offered to the students. The faculty imparts crucial knowledge about the various aspects of optometry and ocular science. This college is one of the best among other colleges offering a BSc degree in optometry. The Dolphin PG College is affiliated with Punjabi University, Patiala. After completion of the course, candidates have various job positions to choose from. They can become opticians, optometrists, sales exec, and research assistant or can even become a teacher.        

The college provides some of the best facilities to the students like a cafeteria, Wi-Fi campus and hostels, sports and co-curricular activities. It offers a rich environment for optimum study to the students.  The college also has a special loan facilitation center for students.

BSc Optometry Colleges In Himachal Pradesh

Maharishi Markandeshwar University (MMU), Solan

MM University is providing rich education to students from Himachal Pradesh and other northern states of India. The foundation stone was laid by the Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh in 2009.  MM University, Solan is a part of the MM group of an educational institution.  Candidates who wish to pursue their career in optometry can learn the skills and necessary knowledge on optometry can reap the benefits. The college offers a 4year degree in B.Sc. optometry that includes 3 years of theoretical knowledge and 1 year of internship. The talented faculty of MMU leaves no stone unturned to offer technical and ethical knowledge on optometry.

The college ensures that the candidate is provided with enough job opportunities through the placement drives. Facilities offered to students are easy to access computer systems, Wi-Fi campus, and basic facilities like water, electricity, and transportation services.

BSc Optometry Colleges In Himachal Pradesh

Chitkara University, Solan

Chitkara School of Health Sciences offers unique opportunities to students so that they can gain specialization in the field of optometry. On the campus, students get to learn and grow into professionals with the help of distinguished and brilliant faculty. The curriculum of programs is set up with close regard to the industry. The institute offers to promote research, innovation, and entrepreneurship skills in the candidates. CSHS offers optometry courses to students.

The students are specialized to diagnose various vision disorders like squints, color blindness.  The choices after completion of course like flexibility in practice and the geographical location can boost the career.  The college introduces students to gain experience in optometric centers and lens manufacturers.

BSc Optometry Colleges In Himachal Pradesh


BSc in Optometry is proven as a potential growing career for the students in the northern states. Himachal Pradesh has many BSc optometry colleges that instill rich education in the field of vision care. These professionals look after the eye health and vision correction of patients.