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OPTOMETRY COLLEGES IN BIHAR – Dolphin (Post Graduate) College of Science & Agriculture (known as Dolphin (Post Graduate) College of Life Sciences formerly), Chandigarh was founded in the year 2006. Currently, the College offers 12 Postgraduates and Undergraduates in the Life Sciences and Agriculture Sciences sector. This esteemed institution provides the students the opportunity to become professionals in the Life sciences and agriculture sector and transform their personalities and grow globally.

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B.Sc. Optometry is an important 4-year course offered by our college.

What is B.Sc? Optometry?

Bachelor’s of Optometry is a UG course related to eye care. Optometry refers to the study of eye care including eye examination, diagnosis, treatment as well as management of vision-related diseases and disorders. It is a four-year course with three years of studying and one year of clinical internship.

The Study Programme of Optometry Education contains several topics, written as follows:

  • Human Biology
  • Basic Biochemistry
  • Physical Optics and Practicals of Lighting
  • Geometrical Optics
  • Dispensing Optics I
  • Eye Anatomy and Physiology
  • Basic Ocular Pharmacology
  • Visual Optics
  • Dispensing Optics II
  • Ophthalmic Instruments
  • Ocular Disease
  • Optics and Refraction
  • Optometric Optics LVA
  • Contact Lens I
  • Binocular Vision Ocular Motility
  • Systematic Disease and Eye
  • Major Eye Disease
  • Nutrition and Eye
  • Public Health and Community
  • Contact lenses II

Eligibility for this Course

Candidate should secure at least 50% (if s/he belongs to the general category) and 45% (if s/he belongs to SC/ST) of the aggregate in Chemistry, Physics, Biology/Math, and English taken together in a 10+2 pattern.

The college provides scholarships and relief to students coming from backward areas like some parts of Bihar.

Career Outcomes after this Course

An Optometrist has to go through several vision therapies to treat patients and prescribe required medicines and drugs for the eyes. Following are the career outcomes of Optometry Education:

  • Assisting Ophthalmic doctors in government as well as private hospitals/clinics.
  • Practicing in Optical Institutions.
  • Run Optical Shops.
  • Providing Clinical Services to Companies dealing with optical products like Ophthalmic  Lenses, Contact Lenses, etc.,

Why Choose Optometry Course?

According to the statistics, one out of three blind people in the world is an Indian. This course on Optometry will not only help you widen your medical knowledge but also let you improve the lives of millions of people who suffer from eye problems and help them return to a normal life.

Optometrists are in high demand in India and this demand is expected to rise further in the future. Due to this rise in demand, India will see a high rise in the number of optometrists in the next few years.

How this Optometry Course Benefits Students from Bihar-

The literacy rate in Bihar is very low, especially in the rural areas of Bihar (43.9%). There are not many esteemed institutions in Bihar to provide the students right opportunity to grow. Our college makes sure to provide candidates with the opportunities they deserve by giving them extra benefits.


Dolphin PG College ensures and is happy to give all the students a fair chance at learning and provides several perks to the marginalized sections of the society to take them toward greatness

  • This course will empower the students to become independent and get recognized all over the world.
  • It empowers the women and helps them make their own identities.
  • It helps in improving the cognitive as well as social skills of the students.
  • Helps the marginalized groups to fit into society.


  • This course will help the students raise productivity as well as creativity which will lead them towards economic growth.
  • They will have a higher chance to become financially stable.
  • They will become financially independent and lead a better quality of life.

Why Choose Us?

Dolphin PG College ensures and is happy to give all the students a fair chance at learning and provides several perks to the marginalized sections of the society and leads them towards greatness.

Dolphin PG College provides all the right opportunities to candidates who are in need.

 Therefore, it is a golden chance for students from places like Bihar who want to learn and grow in the medical field to come forth and take this course. Our college provides fee relief and scholarships to willing students to make it favorable for them to pursue this course and move forward in life.       

If you decide to pursue a career in Optometry Education and are willing to learn all about it, then this course in B.Sc. Optometry is the right option for you.