MSC Botany Colleges In Bihar

List of M.Sc (Botany) Colleges in Bihar

MSC botany colleges in Bihar – The postgraduate botany course is convened MSc. Master of Science in Botany or Botany. It involves the logical investigation of plants as botany or plant science is a part of science. Botany covers a wide range of logical disciplines, including the transformational relationship between scientific classifications relating to the investigation of plants, green growth and development, multiplication, digestion, improvement, disease, compound properties, and the structure of parasites. Choosing the best college to pursue a Masters in Botany is fundamental to an exceptional profession. Here we have come up with the list of Top MSc Botany colleges in Bihar.

MSC botany colleges in Bihar

The course covers every single topic relate to the review areas. The course brochure is plan in such a way that it will provide not only hypothetical but also practical preparation. The duration of the course is two years and the course is separate into four semesters. Going for a postgraduate degree course helps you to move towards a better future and it is one such profession set in nature that opens many verticals for the candidates

What is the Scope of the M.Sc Botany?

After an MSc degree in Botany, you can work in the private and government sectors also. You can get positions as Plant Scientist, Pathology, Palynology, Plant Environment, Plant Taxonomy, Weed Scientist, Ethnobiology, and much more. In addition, various companies, for example, chemical companies, nurseries, seed companies, biotechnology firms, fruit producers, food companies, oil industries, and much more are open for you to make your profession successful.

BSc Botany Jobs with their respective job description and salary 

Forester – A forester is a person who is responsible for the maintenance of forests. They perform various relate duties combining the services of the areas received by the Board from time to time. Salary in this money can be up to 4 profit.

Ecologist – An ecologist is a person who is responsible for the ecosystem within a range or area. Evaluation of guidelines organic entities, observation of biological systems, and conduct of various biological entities are a part of the general position of these professionals. 3.5 lakh salary is given in this money.

Biological Technician – Biological technicians are accountable for the tests that control living things. He may also be designat as a research partner/expert. Similarly, work involves the installation and maintenance of tools and equipment. The salary of a biological technician is around 5 lakhs.

Botanists – Botanists are responsible for discovering different types of plants and they decide how different plants affect different environments. They are paid up to 6 lakhs.

Horticulturist – Investigates in the areas of yield production, cultivation, plant dispersal, plant morphology, plant rearing, plant organic chemistry, etc. Horticulture experts can be given salaries up to 5.5 lakhs

Top M.Sc Botany College in Bihar 2022

Check below the list of best MSc Botany colleges in Bihar and choose the best colleges for your bright future:

Dolphin (PG) College of science and agriculture

Dolphin (PG) College of Science and Agriculture respective with Fatehgarh Sahib Punjabi University, Patiala is probably the best college in India, offering a first-class foundation, personnel, climate, and staff, and each with different standards and guidelines. Is.

The college is duly valid by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and similarly accredit with NAAC*. The school also gets government support. In light of its educational offices and staff, who are fully qualified and present with the best schooling system, competitors constantly prefer to take admission to the school.

Anugrah Narayan College

Anugrah Narayan College is a co-educational base in the region of Bihar, India. It is situated on 13 blocks of the land site in the state capital Patna. A constituent unit of Patliputra University, the school was establish in January 1956 and its most memorable financial expert, Dr. Gorakh Nath Sinha, the school has 22 graduate offices and 23 postgraduate departments. The foundation was set up in 1956 as Gardanibagh College. It then set up Patna High School and function as a night school apart from training representatives. The school has been select for the Chancellor’s Award 2021 in the Best College and Best Principal of Bihar

Central University of South Bihar

The Central University of South Bihar is one of the sixteen Central Universities recently establish by the Government of India under the Central Universities Act, 2009. The college is located in Panchanpur, Gaya, India. On 27 February 2014, Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar laid the foundation stone of the highly sustainable ground at Gaya. [4] When finish, it will be spread over a 300-section of land at Panchanpur. Still more development going on. Dr. CP Thakur is currently the Chancellor, having recently been delegat by the President of India. CUSB is an ‘A’ grade college respective with NAAC.


Above are the MSc Botany colleges in Bihar, which provide first-class training with the best staff and infrastructure. The deeply skill and taught staff provides exceptional schooling to the students which helps them to secure the best open position in the field. In addition, first-class universities provide their competitors with exceptional information and direction to remain and grow in an effective business.

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