Optometry Salary In India

Optometry Salary In India

Optometry Salary In India– Optometry is a healthcare profession dealing with eye care and vision. Optometrists are the primary healthcare practitioners who deal with refraction and dispensing, assisting in the detection and management of eye conditions. Apart from the eye fundamentals, this course will also teach you to use several equipment that every optometry student must know. This course also teaches the students how to communicate with their patients properly. The duration of this course is generally 3 years but it may vary from one institute to another.

Eligibility for Optometry Course

Admission to this course can be taken through a merit-based or entrance-based system. The top Optometry Colleges in India take admission through an entrance exam but also by 12th class board results.

Job and Career Opportunities after Optometry Course

Optometry jobs are available in both the private and government sector. The students can easily get jobs in these industries like Hospitals, Eye Clinics, and Optic Centres. Many organizations owned by the Government of India hire Bachelor of Optometry graduates in several job designations like Optometrist, Optometry Researcher, Ophthalmologist, Optician, Vision Consultant, etc.

According to statistics, every 3rd blind person is an Indian. So, by opting for this course you will not only increase your medical knowledge but also help the people in need. So, if you are one of those people who like to help others and work in that field, then, this is the perfect course for you to choose your career in.

The demand for optometrists is high and growing fast in India. There are not as many eye professionals as the demand calls for, this makes the scope for the optometry profession in India very high. There are plenty of Job Roles in the Optometry field too. You can either work in the public or private sector.

Salary Packages for Optometry Students

Job Roles Average Annual Salary
Optometrist 2.5-3.5 LPA
Optometry Researchers 4-5 LPA
Ophthalmologist 5-6 LPA
Optician 3-4 LPA
Vision Consultant 3-4 LPA

How to Prepare for the B.Sc. Optometry Entrance Exam?

The main way to prepare for an entrance exam is to study for the exam according to the latest exam patterns and syllabus with full dedication. The students giving this test have to prepare for four subjects mainly, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Math. Some important tips for preparing for the exam-

  • Devote at least 2 hours for preparation daily.
  • The students should refer to the latest question papers to get a fair idea of the format of the exam and understand the course content.
  • Attempt mock papers to understand their strengths, mistakes, and weak points.
  • The student should have enough time to focus on the revision part also; focusing only on the stronger sections and leaving the weaker sections might make the performance suffer greatly.
  • Time Management is one of the most important parts of taking any entrance exam as a professional.

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