MSc Botany Salary in India

MSc Botany Salary in India

MSc Botany Salary in India – After completing their degree in Botany, Aspirants studying plant and plant-like organisms can pursue their career as biological scientists or botanists. The course covers the knowledge from learning about small bacteria to giant trees. In the botany course, the student mainly deals with the structure, physiology, metabolism, genetics, evolution, classification, and reproduction of plants. Well to know more about MSC Botany Salary In India, read the full blog till the end. 

MSc Botany Salary in India

What is Msc Botany?

Being the two-year postgraduate program, MSc botany aims to delve deeper into the intricate subjects of plant biology. The study of plants, fungi, and algae including growth, structure, properties, and biochemical processes this covers an extensive range. 

How the plants help in sustaining lives is what candidates learn in Botany. Also for the easy survival of the generations, they will work for a clean energy economy. Hence go through the complete article to understand better the course and career opportunities along with salaries in Msc Botany. 

MSc Botany Salary in India 2021 

Here are the different career options you can choose after completing Msc Botany:

A career in Botany – Roles and Salary of a Botanist

Here are some of the careers you can join after doing the Msc Botany and along with the salary offered in all the careers:


Being the professionals who specialize in classifying and sorting information based on an established system, Taxonomists work in a range of fields to identify and describe various concepts or organisms. Then those on basis of similar characteristics and patterns are sorted out. The salary offered as a taxonomist is 3.5 LPA 

Plant Biochemist

The different chemical reactions in plants such as photosynthesis, respiration, the interaction between biomolecules, and other plant-specific biochemical processes are studied by the Biochemists. The salary offered per annum is 2.75 LPA 


The job of the Ecologists ranges from balancing the needs of the environment to coming up with ideas for land management as they study the relationship between plants, animals, and their environment. The per annum salary offered to ecologists is 4.5 LPA

Plant Physiologist

The study about Living plants, physical, chemical, and biological functions is the job of a plant physiologist. The area of their study includes plant cells, molecules, and genes or whole plants. The per annum salary for the Plant Physiologist is 6 LPA

Plant Biochemist

Studying different chemical reactions in plants such as photosynthesis, respiration, the interaction between biomolecules and other plant-specific biochemical processes is done by the Biochemists in the plant industry. The salary offered per annum to the Pant Biochemist is 2.5 LPA 


The researcher is the one who performs all the work related to research in the field of botany. The salary offered to the researcher is 3 LPA. 


Any role where your activities aid the conservation or enhancement of wildlife is a job of conservationist. They also support wildlife conservation projects. Conservationist Per annum salary offered is 3.5 LPA. 

Plant Geneticist

To understand, improve or create new varieties of plants or crops, Plant geneticists conduct research. They can examine ways to improve the shape, size, production level, pesticide, and disease tolerance by having a look at the plant’s DNA. The salary offered to Plant Geneticist per annum is 7.5 LPA. 


Morphologists study plants their form and the shape of organisms. The work you do contributes to the scientific community, whether you research ordinary species or examine new whereas for some people morphology is a finished science. The salary of a Morphologist ranges to 3 LPA. 

Fruit Grower

A grower is a person who grows fruits in large quantities and that is purely meant for sale. The salary offered to Fruit Grower is 3.75 LPA


A scientist or a biologist who studies the living organisms and structure and function of cells. 4.25 LPA is the offered salary for Cytologists.


Hope you have got every pinch of information regarding M.Sc Botany Salary In India. All the jobs in Msc Botany are really rewarding and offer the best opportunities to the opportunities seekers. Hence after pursuing the course there are plenty of options you can go for. 

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