Paramedical Salary in India – Paramedical courses train students for real-life medical situations and are quite training-specific. Being job-oriented, paramedical courses are medical training courses. With the increase in the need for skilled paramedics in the medical field, the significance of paramedical courses is been realized. In a short period and budget, Paramedics is an amazing field to build a career in the medical field, Unlike the conventional MBBS Degree. Paramedical courses present ample employment opportunities that too with a good salary. To know more about Paramedical Salary In India, read the full blog.

 Paramedical Salary in India

There are options for postgraduate, graduate, diploma, and certificate courses that are of varying durations from 3 years to 6 months and that is another benefit of the paramedical course. At any stage of a career, one can choose to do a paramedic course even after the completion of the 10 standard exams. With average admission requirements, paramedical courses are offered in various colleges all around the country. Training in premedical emergency treatment, medical assistance, diagnostic technology training, etc Is given in the paramedical courses. In different sectors of the medical field, Paramedics offer a wide range of courses to choose from.

Paramedical Courses and Paramedical Salary In India – 2022

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Here are the top Paramedical courses and salaries offered in each course.

X-Ray technology

 Among the studentsX-ray technology courses are the most popular courses and in medical treatment, these courses are of great importance. The various types of X-Ray, imaging technology used, ways to read an x-ray, which x-ray to use in a particular case, etc are taught to the students.

Salary – AnX-ray technician in India can earn INR 5.5 LPA. INR 30000 per month can be earned by the diploma holder.

Anesthesia Technology

How to administer anesthesia doses of different concentrations used in different medical cases is taught to the students in this course. In most, medical treatments, an Anesthesia procedure is a primary step and also an imperative one. As they keep checking on the patient’s health and their reaction to the anesthetic, it is imperative.

Salary –  INR 1 Lakh is the entry-level Anesthetic salary. If you are a specialist in cardiac Anesthetic the salary increases and also the Anesthetic specialists are paid very highly. To the Anesthetics Salaries, up to 12 lakh are easily given with time in India. 3 times the salary in India is paid by the USA to Anesthetics.


The physical movement of human limbs is dealt with by this course. For treating patients various therapy techniques like electrotherapy, exercise, movement training, etc. To bring back the natural movement of the injured body parts, Physiotherapy is also used after surgeries and implant operations. For physiotherapists in the sports field, there are great career opportunities as they require physiotherapists 24*7 on the field.

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Salary – INR 15000- INR 70000 per month can be earned by a physiotherapist. Up to INR 50000 per month can be earned by a sports or personal physiotherapist.

Dialysis Technology

In machinery, techniques, and the procedure of dialysis, the Dialysis course trains the students. This course also covers the report reading to diagnose the issue and the result in interpretation. Removing waste liquid and impure blood from the body when the body itself is incapable of doing so is what is done in the dialysis procedure.

Salary – A salary of INR 18000 per month can be expected by an entry-level technician. Based on the work experience after that, the salaries can go up to INR 50000 per month.


After the surgeries and hospital-admitted patients, nurses take care of the patients. In surgeries and operation theatres the nurses also assist the doctors. Supplying medicines, maintaining the record of the patients, operational dressings, immediate treatment, etc are some of the tasks that the nurses perform.

Salary – The fresher salary in the nursing field can be 1.8 LPA and can till 8.7 LPA.

Audiologist and Speech Therapist

To treat patients with hearing and speaking impairment, an audiologist is trained well. Treatment with therapeutic exercise and special technology and equipment is done for patients who are born with speaking problems, stuttering, etc.

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Salary – The fresher audiologist therapist can earn up to INR 4.8 LPA.

Medical Laboratory Technologists

Being an important part of medical treatment, Laboratories require a skilled trained technician who is proficient in testing and analyzing samples and reading results. This is because the diagnosis of diseases is generally done by testing samples in laboratories.

Salary – The salary range of a lab technician is INR 1.17 LPA to INR 5.5 LPA.


Hence this was all about the Paramedical Salary In India. All the courses in the paramedical field offer a good salary and career options, hence is best to choose a career.

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