Top B.Sc. Anesthesia Technology College In Meerut

Top B.Sc. Anesthesia Technology College in Meerut

Top B.Sc. Anesthesia Technology College in Meerut– The study of assisting and supervising the work carried out by qualified anesthesia personnel falls under the part of the science discipline known as B.Sc. in Anesthesia Technology. This blog gives information about the Top B.Sc. Anesthesia Technology College in Meerut.

Importance of an Anesthesiologist

As the effects of anesthesia may cause allergic reactions in the patient’s body, the role of an anesthesiologist is crucial during operations. The anesthesiologist’s responsibility is to monitor the patient’s breathing, blood pressure, and heart rate. To gain experience, you can also work as a volunteer in any nearby hospitals or clinics. Anesthesiologists are becoming more and more in demand, not just in India but also abroad. There might be additional opportunities in the military, in research, etc. You can work as a teacher in the field of anesthesiology at national and international universities after gaining experience.

Eligibility Criteria for B.Sc. Anesthesia Technology

  • Candidates should have passed in 12th or equivalent from a university.
  • Candidates must have a minimum of 45% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology
  • Candidates have to clear the entrance exam conducted by the university.

The details of the Job Description in Anesthesia Technology are

Job Job description Annual Salary
Anesthesiologist Assistant Anesthesiologist assistants are healthcare professionals who carry out anesthesia care plans for patients undergoing surgery under the supervision of licensed anesthesiologists. 12,25,000
Surgeons Surgery is performed on patients to treat illnesses, deformities, and injuries. They are in charge of the patient’s preoperative diagnosis and the actual surgery. Additionally, they take care of the patient’s postoperative surgical care and treatment needs. 12,63,000
Anesthesia Technician Anesthesia technicians are allied healthcare professionals with extensive knowledge of anesthesia techniques, instruments, supplies, and technology who primarily assist with the administration and monitoring of anesthesia. 2,15,000
Clinical Associate


In South Africa, there is a group of medical personnel known as clinical associates. Under the direction of a doctor, they evaluate patients, make diagnoses, prescribe treatments, and carry out minor surgery. 3,50,000
Associate Consultant


An associate consultant works either independently or with other associate and junior consultants for the chief consultant. By overseeing the projects, he serves the clients and supports the chief consultant. 7,50,000


Anesthesiologists who have completed at least a year of specialized training in the anesthesia care of infants and children are considered pediatric anesthesiologists. They are fully qualified anesthesiologists. Pediatric anesthesiologists, who have additional education and training, offer the safest care for young patients undergoing anesthesia. 7,00,000

What is B.Sc. Anesthesia?

Students pursuing a B. Sc. in Anesthesia Technology are taught about anesthesia technology, anesthesia agents, techniques, and dosage to ensure better patient monitoring. The knowledge students acquire while pursuing a B.Sc. in Anesthesia Technology aids them in selecting the best anesthetic treatment and dosage for a patient.

The annual course fee for the B.Sc. in Anesthesia Technology program is between INR 25,000 and 42,500. An anesthetist in India can expect to make between INR 20,000 and 30,000 per month on average which will be continually rising with experience.

Specializations Available for the B.Sc. in Anesthesia

You can specialize in a variety of subfields depending on the structure of the B.Sc. Anesthesia course curriculum. You might need to complete additional training and gain some years of patient care experience in order to master them. Below are a few of the B.Sc. Anesthesia concentrations that are available:

  • Critical Care Anesthesia
  • Cardiothoracic Anesthesia
  • Neurosurgical Anesthesia
  • Pediatric Anesthesia
  • Hospice and Palliative Anesthesia
  • Orthopedic Anesthesia
  • Obstetric Anesthesia

Top Universities in Meerut for B.Sc. Anesthesia

Dolphin PG College, Chandigarh

Dolphin PG College started in 2006, is sponsored by the Yuva Education Society-New Delhi, and is affiliated with Punjabi University, Patiala is one of the top colleges in India for pursuing a B.Sc. in Anesthesia. We have been awarded numerous awards by the government as well as other organizations for our commendable education facilities.

We have carefully employed the most educated and experienced teachers who understand the needs of the students and cater to them exceptionally. Our labs are well-equipped with all the required tools and equipment so the students don’t miss out on the practical part of their learning. We have well-constructed hostel buildings for our students from all over the country.

Contact Information-

Address– 18 Kms, Chandigarh-Sirhind State Highway 12-A, P.O.-Chunni Kalan, District – Fatehgarh Sahib. Punjab140406.


Call– 91 842 724 4771

Aligarh Muslim University

The Department of Anesthesiology & Critical Care in Aligarh Muslim University is committed to growing and maintaining the department into an epitome of education, research, and cutting-edge patient care clinical work, where medical students are trained to become professionals with social and clinical awareness and a research-oriented mindset.


  • To train and prepare the students as excellent peri-operative physicians, to make them capable of providing comprehensive health care to the community.
  • To develop and build up work culture among students individually on a daily basis, and make them able to provide the best outcome even in high-risk patients.
  • To encourage and support undergraduate and graduate medical students’ aptitude for research


These are the top college for pursuing B.Sc. Anesthesia for you. Visit their websites for more information about admission and course details.