Top BSc Dialysis Technology Colleges in J&K

Top BSc Dialysis Technology Colleges in J&K

Top BSc Dialysis Technology Colleges in J&K – “Dialysis Technician” also known as “Haemodialysis Technician”, works closely with a doctor or the certified nurse. Additionally, providing the patients, with proper care if their kidneys are permanently or partially damaged. This is mentioned to be as end-stage renal disease, which is either transplanted or removed.

It is the paramedical branch that usually deals with kidney-related issues. Furthermore, it is a highly specialized field of “Nephrology” that means “care of kidney”. The process removes the metabolic waste from the blood.

Top BSc Dialysis Technology Colleges in J&K

BSc in Dialysis Technology

B.Sc. in Dialysis Technology is a 3-year of bachelor-level paramedical course. The course prepares the students to administer the machinery presentation for the patients. Suffering from kidney failure, under the supervision of a nurse or the physician.

The basic role of a Dialysis technologist is to provide depth direction for physiology and anatomy, dialysis preparation, equipment monitoring, extracorporeal circuit, dialyzer set-up, and many more. The course is designed, for the training purpose and getting an experienced hand, capable of applying for the course in their profession.

Eventually, during the course, the candidates are usually introduced to the “dialyzer” which is the machine specifically used for the Dialysis process. The tuition fee of the course is dependent upon the college you are taking admission to, but the average tuition fee accordingly is 20,000 INR to 3,00,000 INR in India.

Key Point for Getting Admission:

Getting admission to any of the paramedical colleges is not less than a competition. So some key points are listed:

  • 10+2 is to be completed with science stream and good grades, if the admission is merit-based it would be profitable
  • Reminisce the important dates of admission and application forms
  • If there is an entrance examination, stay prepared and try to have high grades
  • Be knowledgeable about the course you are getting ready to opt for and their future scope
  • Biomedical colleges prefer experienced hands as well as developmental skill courses, such that, be prepared for it

List of BSc Dialysis College in J&K 2022

| Dolphin PG College of Sciences and Agricultures |

The college was established back in 2006, currently offering 12 different courses in an undergraduate, postgraduate program. The college is well specialized in the field of Life Sciences, Paramedical, and agriculture sciences. Being under the sponsorship of “Yuva Education Society-New Delhi”. The college was formally known as “Dolphin PG College of Life Sciences”.

Affiliated with Punjabi University, Patiala, which is recognized by UGC, provides 57 years of the education system. Likewise, the college is the foremost prominent college for the aspirants who want to initialize their career as Dialysis Technologists. And in addition, to which, the college is recognized as a Grade – “A” certified and accredited college.

Improvising its branches all over India, with well-maintained infrastructure and also highly-maintained technological types of machinery. Providing well-driven attractive opportunities to the candidates, with experienced hands, and more developmental and practical skills.

| Adesh Para Medical College |

The college concentrates, on moral values as well as educating its candidates well. Also known as APMC or Adesh Para Medical College is highly engaged in the segments to the need of the general public. The college moves ahead with their potential teachers focused on perfection in the field of paramedics.

Providing the course of Dialysis Technology, the college has gained attractive candidates edifying the prosperity of the college. The privately-owned college is affiliated with the Government of Jammu and Kashmir. And along with the perfect outcome, learning is still ought to be extended by the college. The college is highly recognizable, in Jammu and Kashmir with a high learning perspective.


The field of paramedical has taken an inquisitive rise, due to COVID, therefore having a visualization of the field one can easily opt for the course.

However, BSc in dialysis technology is preferred, to the candidate interested in nephrology. And listed are some of the colleges for dialysis technology, you can find in Jammu and Kashmir. And also providing you the opportunity to learn and achieve your desires in paramedical.

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