Top Paramedical Colleges in Kerala

Top Paramedical Colleges in Kerala – Yearning for a respectful career in the allied healthcare sector? Paramedical is a vast sphere with outstanding jobs and career profiles for eligible people. Joining a reputed paramedical institution in Kerala is a reasonable stride towards the target. Here, we will let you know the best paramedical colleges in Kerela.

Top Paramedical Colleges in Kerala

It is a marvelous approach to seek a space to serve humanity in the healthcare segment. Populations from across the globe are observing devastating health concerns. They need innovative and reliable health solutions to gain a healthier and longer life. The ever-growing medical zone is the consequence of such horrible scenarios.

Paramedical Science: A Unique Healthcare Branch to Deal Medical Emergencies

Amongst others, paramedical is a field that has captivated attention overwhelmingly, especially during recent decades. It falls under the allied healthcare services category. Paramedical addresses emergency medical environments, under which professionals (paramedics) diagnose diseases in the human body and provide pre-hospital assistance.

Further, paramedical relates to the help that is given in the form of medical checkups and other therapies. It is the affair of providing competent healthcare services and extending support to specialized doctors to ensure better treatment. Due to the rapidly-growing Indian medical corridors, the demand for professional paramedics also has multiplied exponentially.

Why Choose a Career in Paramedical Field?

Paramedical is a lucrative realm to build a professional career in. The significance of paramedical services has attracted newcomers drastically. They are now more eager to develop skills in the field to serve humanity and earn livelihood side-by-side.

Further, there’s a massive demand for paramedics in India. If you’re passionate about making people’s life healthy and trouble-free, paramedical is a perfect career line for you. The paramedical industry has been appeared to be a backbone of the Indian healthcare systems. Numerous skilled and qualified professionals are already working in the field, though, the nation still lacks skillful paramedical enthusiasts.

Therefore, India witnesses the scarcity of paramedical professionals that creates a gargantuan career space for aspirants. After acquiring essential skills and knowledge, one can initiate a successful career in this prospect. Some of the highlighting job profiles under the paramedical sector are as below:

  • Physiotherapist
  • Dialysis Technologist
  • Anesthesia Technologist
  • Nursing
  • X-Ray Technologist
  • Audiologist
  • Medical Laboratory Technologist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Radiographers
  • Rehabilitation Workers

Paramedical Course Details

Joining a specialized paramedical course is crucial to meet the purpose. There is a large range of allied health courses that you can choose as per your interest and circumstances. All of the paramedical courses are job-oriented and you can get employed soon after completing the program.

Furthermore, paramedical courses are designed to train avid students to make them proficient in the allied healthcare circuit. Students can join the course after 10+2 in the science stream with Physics, Biology, and Chemistry as compulsory subjects.

Some of the popular paramedical course specializations conclude Nursing, Physiotherapy, Medical Laboratory Technology, Pharmacy, and Optometry etc.

Best Paramedical Colleges in Kerala

Choosing the right college is another pivotal phase in the wave of career development. This guide associates with some high-ranked paramedical colleges based in Kerala. The south Indian state comprises several medical education institutions that are known for delivering quality allied health science courses to students. Let’s discover details.

Dolphin PG College of Science

Founded in 2006, Dolphin PG College of Science is a stalwart and committed brand in the education wing. The college is associated with the Maharaja Ranjit Singh Punjab Technical University, Bathinda.

In terms of course modules, the institution features a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs. In addition to Agriculture and Horticulture courses, it imparts quality and job-oriented courses in the paramedical field.

Furthermore, students can seek career chances in various countries such as America, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Israel etc. The college also has links with scads of prominent brands like Dabur, Cipla, Ranbaxy, Mankind, Glenmark, Chanakya Dairy, Rasi Seeds and more.

MES Institute of Paramedical Sciences

A subsidiary of MES Academy of Medical Sciences, MES Institute of Paramedical Sciences was launched in 2011. It aims to hone the potential of candidates to help them build a renowned career in the paramedical healthcare sector.

Further, the college, affiliated with the Kerala University of Health Sciences, provides the latest and career-specific study structures. Qualified professors work relentlessly across different aspects to ensure candidates grab the central idea.

Westfort Institute of Paramedical Sciences

WIPS is a prudent identity in the field of medical education. It achieves excellence and quality through regular innovation and dedication towards the wellbeing of avid students.

With a prideful history that dates back to 1989, Westfort Institute of Paramedical Sciences works to conquer the noble objective of imparting the best and creative educational facilities to students.

KVM Institute of Paramedical Science

Established in 2011, KVMIPS strives to generate technically competent professionals to cater to the ever-evolving needs of the healthcare sector. It has a good reputation in the allied health science education bracket. Students learn the trending skills essential to be potent paramedics and healthcare providers.

AL Shifa College of Paramedical Sciences

It is another ISO 9001 certified paramedical institution in Kerala that delivers top-notch and employment-oriented education it is affiliated with the Kerala University of Health Sciences. Founded in 2004, AL Shifa College is a premier institution providing holistic educational services to aspiring youth.


Allied health science is a noteworthy field for people who wish to draft a prestigious career in the medical arena. It consists of a wide spectrum of growth and career paths to let ardent students earn a livelihood and serve mankind simultaneously.

Likewise, students can find several top paramedical colleges in Kerala to support their dreams from roots. It is crucial to make a smart choice before you invest your fortune and efforts.