BCA Salary In India

BCA Salary In India

BCA Salary In India – In India as well as abroad BCA Jobs are one of the popular and most abundant jobs you can find. There is a need for BCA Course Graduates for various jobs with almost every sector whether government or Private using Computer applications and software. Data Scientist, Systems Admin, Network Engineer, Project Assistant, Computer Programmer, Software Developer, etc are the various job roles offered to BCA Graduates. In both Government and private sectors you can find BCA jobs also in companies like Google, HCL, TCS, and Microsoft. Read the full blog to know about the BCA Salary In India.

BCA Salary In India

Being a three-year undergraduate degree course, BCA(Bachelor in computer application) takes you through the basics of computer application. Necessary I the IT firm, It provides the basic knowledge about computer and its system. There is a wide range of jobs both in the public and private sector after completing the BCA degree. As the demand for software programmers and engineers, software developers, trouble-shooters, system analyzers, network designers, game developers and testers, and webmasters is at its peak these days.

BCA Salary In India 2021

In India, the average salary of a BCA Graduate is around INR 3-6 LPA. A salary of INR 15,000 to 30,000 is offered per month to BCA jobs in India by the government organizations like Banks, BPOs, EPFO, NIOS apart from private companies. BCA freshers and experienced professionals can get a job in various fields such as web designing, banking, computer programming, and more after graduating. After a BCA course, the average salary can start from INR 3-5 LPA and you can earn as much as INR 4-10 LPA in top IT companies, MNCs, and startups within 2-4 years. Here is the list of the jobs offered to BCA graduates freshers and experienced with their salaries:

  • Computer Programmer – INR 4.86 LPA – INR 9.82 LPA
  • Software Developer – INR 4.86 LPA – INR 12.64 LPA
  • System Analyst – INR 6.54 LPA – INR 10.58 LPA
  • Network Engineer – INR 3.13 LPA – INR 8.24 LPA
  • System Admin – INR 4.02 LPA – INR 8.40 LPA
  • Software Architect – INR 20.46 LPA – INR 29.47 LPA
  • Software Tester – INR 4.02 LPA – INR 8.40 LPA

Factor Based BCA Salary

In the Private sector, the average BCA salary ranges between INR 3-6 LPA, and in the government sector, it is INR 2-5 LPA. But on the basis of years of experience, the city you are working in, and the type of job profile the salary trend differs. Hence let’s define the salary as per experience, industry, and the city you work at.

Salary Based on Experience

You get the better salary packages with experience and here are the salaries offered on the basis of years of experience one has

  • 0-1 Years of Experience – INR 2,80,000
  • 1-4 Years of Experience – INR 4,45,560
  • 5-9 Years of Experience  – INR 7,64,000
  • 10-19 Years of Experience – INR 1,127,500

Salary Based on Region

Different salaries are offered to BCA Graduates in Different cities:

  • Bangalore – INR 3.6 to 6.6 LPA
  • New Delhi – INR 3 to 6 LPA
  • Kolkata – INR 2.50 to 4 LPA
  • Mumbai – INR 3.4 to 6 LPA
  • Chennai – INR 3.3 to 5.2 LPA
  • Hyderabad – INR 3.1 to 5.1 LPA
  • Pune – INR 3.16 LPA

Salary in Different Industries

The BCA aspirants get to work in various industries starting from Information Technology, Software to Manufacturing, Banking, and more. Here are the different Industries that offer jobs to the BCA Graduates with salaries.

  • Information Technology – INR 5 to 6.5 LPA
  • Software Development – INR 5.50 to 8 LPA
  • Automobile – INR 5 to 7 LPA
  • Banking – INR 5.20 to 6 LPA
  • Manufacturing – INR 4.8 to 6 LPA

BCA Employment Sectors/Industries in India

Your first preference will be of-course to get a job in a good company if you have completed your degree in BCA. But before that gaining the knowledge-based upon your degree about the industries where you can get the opportunities to work is imperative. For employment here are the few industries you can go for.

  • Software Development
  • Graphics Designing
  • Network And Security
  • Website Designing
  • Game Design, Testing, and Development
  • Mainframe
  • Government Department and Agencies
  • Multimedia
  • Banking Sector
  • Faculty in Training Institute or Colleges


Hence this was all about the BSC Salary In India. BSC has a vast scope along with that it has scope in both government and private sectors. Also, it is one of the best courses to pursue as it offers job opportunities with decent Salaries.

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