Zoology Courses After 12th

Zoology Courses After 12th

Zoology Courses After 12th – A zoology course after 12th can be beneficial for those who are interested in nature and don’t mind taking the time to learn about it. This is a great job option but first of all, we need to know about zoology. Zoology is the scientific field concerned with the study of the animal kingdom. The field of study focuses on the existence and structure, development, classification, behavior, and distribution of all living animals. Dealing with animal species that are living, dead, and very potentially extinct is something that anyone wishing to pursue a career in zoology must accomplish. 

Zoology Courses After 12th

The subject of study offers a variety of specialties for individuals interested in pursuing it. One may consider becoming an embryologist, whose sole job is to study and focus on the early stages of animal life, apart from becoming a physiologist who studies the metabolic processes of animals, or a taxonomist who studies animals. Specializes in life. Relating to the naming and classification of species, or of any of these professions. Similarly, there are other possibilities that one can explore depending on one’s skills and interests.

Eligibility of Zoology Courses 

To be eligible for Bachelor’s degree in Zoology the candidate must have passed Higher Secondary Education, or 10+2 with Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics from a recognized board. A three-year undergraduate program lasts so long. An applicant must have earned at least a 50% grade point average in their bachelor’s degree to be considered for a master’s course in zoology. The master’s program lasts two years.

Zoology Diploma Courses: Admission Process

  • Candidates can apply directly to the institutes for enrollment in Diploma in Zoology course.
  • Many institutes admit students only on the basis of their merit.
  • (Marks from class 12 or equivalent.)
  • Students can enroll directly by visiting the campus of the institution they wish to attend, filling out an application form, submitting the required paperwork, paying a fee, and receiving confirmation of their admission.

Courses in Zoology

  1. Bachelor of Science in Zoology
  2. Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology, Zoology, and Chemistry
  3. Bachelor of Science in Botany, Zoology, and Chemistry
  4. Master of Science in Marine Zoology
  5. Master of Science in Zoology with specialization in Medical Microbiology
  6. Master of Science in Zoology
  7. Master of Philosophy in Zoology
  8. Doctor of Philosophy in Zoology

Career Opportunities in Zoology | Job Prospects of Zoology in India

When students decide to pursue a career in zoology, they are provided with wide employment opportunities due to the many specialties of the field. If you choose a career in this profession, you will share the responsibility of preserving and managing the animal kingdom. Due to the nature of his work, a zoologist may also get to travel. Zoologists are constantly needed by channels such as National Geographic, Animal Planet, and Discovery Channel for research and films.

Additionally, zoologists are found in zoos, wildlife services, botanical parks, conservation groups, national parks, nature preserves, universities, laboratories, aquariums, animal clinics, fisheries and aquaculture, museums, research, pharmaceutical firms, veterinary hospitals, and other institutions. are found in. are found in. employed by. In addition, there are some other professions that require zoologists by nature, such as animal behaviorist, breeder, trainer, caregiver, teacher of both animals and wildlife, rehabilitator of injured animals, conservationist, documentarian, forensic specialist, laboratory technician, Researcher, wildlife biologists, veterinarians, zoo keepers, curators of zoos, and more.

Zoology: Jobs and Salary Structure in India

Candidates who have completed their B.Sc, MSc, and Ph.D. There are many job options in Zoology in both the public and private sectors. Candidates are hired as veterinarians, forensic scientists, laboratory technicians, zoo curators, wildlife educators, animal behaviorists, conservationists, and wildlife biologists. The pay scale for these posts is listed below – 

  • Veterinarians -INR 5 lakh and above
  • Wildlife Biologist – INR 5 lakh and above
  • Conservationist – INR 5 lakh and above
  • Wildlife Educator – INR 4 lakh and above
  • Zoology faculty – INR 4 lakh and above
  • Forensic experts – INR 4 lakh and above


So this was all about Zoology Courses After 12th in India. Zoology Courses All the courses in the field offer a good salary and career options, so it is best to choose a career.

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