BSc Fisheries Scope in India

BSc Fisheries Scope in India

BSc Fisheries Scope in India – Interested candidates can be admitted to the BSc Fisheries program on the basis of their performance in the relevant entrance test and subsequent rounds of counseling. The BSc Fisheries Scope in India course lasts for four years and can be taken full-time or part-time. Candidates who successfully complete their BSc Fisheries program are equipped with the technical skills and knowledge required to build a BSc Fisheries Scope in India in the field of fisheries science. Since this field is less crowded than other fields, BSc Fisheries Scope in India graduates has good career prospects there.

BSc Fisheries Scope in India

In terms of trade, India is the fourth largest producer of fish in the world and seventh globally in fish exports. The practice of catching, processing, and selling fish or shellfish is known as fishing. The practice of raising aquatic animals and plants, especially fish, shellfish, and seaweeds in regulated or unregulated marine or freshwater habitats, is known as aquaculture. More than 500 million people in developing countries depend on fisheries and aquaculture for their daily needs.

About the BSc Fisheries Course

B.F.Sc. is a 4-year undergraduate program that requires a passing grade in class 12 or an equivalent examination from an approved school board. The academic discipline of “fisheries” focuses on understanding and managing fisheries. Fish processing, aquaculture, fish resource management, fishing techniques and management, fisheries environment, and fisheries extension are all studied and investigated in this multidisciplinary science.

BSc Fisheries Course Fee in India

This course empowers one to become technically qualified fisheries proficient with adequate ability to maintain, preserve and create diverse fish resources in the country for quality fish protein and food security. Candidates can find job opportunities in the public sector, for example, in nationalized banks and fisheries departments. The average tuition fee for the course in India is charged between Rs 5000 to 2 lakhs for a duration of 4 years.

Such postgraduates are appointed to the posts like Farm Manager, Hatchery Manager, Fisheries Inspector, Aqua Cultist, Fish Exporter, Marine Biologist & Marine Scientist, Fish Trader, Fish Breeder, Hatchery/Farm Operator, Fisheries Extension Officer/ Technical Officer, Feed Mill goes. goes. goes. The manager leaves. , Processing and Production Manager, Fish Export Inspector, Export Manager, Fisheries Extension Officer, etc. The average salary of a fresh candidate is around 5 to 10 lakhs per annum.

Top colleges and institutes which provide admission to BSc Fisheries

Candidates who are interested in studying aquatic life and need a career focusing on a similar field can pursue this program. Although it is not an extremely prominent course, it is usually less saturated. Finding the best job after graduation will not be a problem for B.F.SC. Some of the top colleges and institutes which provide admission to BSc Fisheries are as follows:

  • Dolphin College of Science Agriculture
  • Assam Agricultural University in Jorhat
  • Indira Gandhi Agricultural School in Raipur
  • Junagadh Agricultural University, Junagadhi
  • Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean Studies, Kochi
  • Govind Ballabh Pant University of Agriculture and Technology
  • University of Calcutta  
  • Annamalai University  
  • Utkal University
  • Aligarh Muslim University
  • Junagadh Agriculture University

Fisheries Science Career Prospects | Career Option in Bsc Fisheries Science in India 

Attractive job opportunities are available for fisheries graduates. After having a degree in Bsc Fisheries Science, you can apply for the posts of Instructor, Research Assistant, Biochemist, Biologist, Technician, etc. Also, you can apply for the post of Inspector / Research Assistant of Fisheries, Sub-Inspector of Fisheries, Assistant Director, Assistant Fisheries Development Officer / Fisheries Extension Officer, and Fisheries Development Officer in the Fisheries Department of the State Government. The working titles of fisheries are given below:

  • Fish biologist
  • Fish extension officer
  • Fisheries officer
  • Fish manager
  • Fish technician
  • Fish watcher
  • Assistant Fisheries Development Officer
  • District Fisheries Development Officer

Indian National Center for Ocean and Information Services, Hyderabad Apart from this, there are also self-employment opportunities in this sector. After earning a BSc Fisheries Science degree, you can also open your own enterprise. You will also get a chance to work abroad where you can do business in the field of aquaculture, fish processing, export, and import. Fisheries professionals are sought after in aquaculture sectors in African countries. In the field of fisheries, you can become an aquaculturist, farm manager, exporter, trader, breeder and modern fisherman, etc.

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