MSc Horticulture Vegetable Science Colleges in Chandigarh

MSc Horticulture Vegetable Science Colleges in Chandigarh

MSc Horticulture Vegetable Science Colleges in Chandigarh – The branch of horticulture is also synchronized as “Olericulture” in which the production of vegetables is the prime motive. The importance of this study is like having a lead ahead with the basic lead i.e. food, fruits, and vegetable. As these are the basic components of humans for a living, whereas, knowing how these are grown as further initiation complies. Thereby, from the best Horticulture Vegetable Science College, you’ll get to know what requirement is there.

Astonishingly, the government is initially concentrating on the innovations of producing hybrid and yield varieties. The seasonal vegetable is now a myth, as with making greenhouses and maintaining the temperature cultivation of vegetable crops is in procession.

Moreover, the horticulture department works with exotic as well as under-utilized vegetables and spice crops for domestic and export markets with progressively having high yields. There is also a supportive measure from the government as well as the Centre getting their sanction by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR).

About Horticulture Vegetable Science

MSc Horticulture Vegetable Science is a postgraduate course in the field of Agriculture with a specialization in vegetable science. During the course, the aspiring students are made aware of the innovative scientific approaches useful for vegetable cultivation. The aspiring student, reindeer diversification skills, as well as learn tools of horticulture science with relatable technologies.

Enormously, the students are made aware of the production fields and the varietal aspects of vegetables. The students employ their skills and talent in the research fields of vegetable science. Whereby, acquiring the knowledge of Vegetable breeding, the production of vegetables, and furthering their seed production. 

Job Prospectus after MSc Horticulture Vegetable Science

A candidate possessing an M.Sc. degree in horticulture with a specialization in vegetable science has the beneficial aspect with an enormous number of job profiles in the governmental as well as the private sector. The most prominent post after pursuing is choosing to be a professor, associate lecturer, lecturer, or assistant professor in agricultural colleges and universities.

Ideally, if you’re also having your piece of land or not, you will initially become a horticulturist.

Career Point of View

Tremendously, the growing export industry is also increasing product demands and adding advancements in horticultural technology. While making it an extremely lucrative career aspiring students can work in a wide range of areas in agribusiness, botanical gardens, crop management, etc.

Moreover, students can also acquire the services of a scientist in the field of vegetable sciences. Precisely, they can also go for higher degree programs for further research work. Students also have good scopes in the rising demand for good fruits, plants, and vegetables as they can start their crop cultivation also.

Eligibility Criteria

The requirement of basic eligibility criteria to pursue an M.Sc. in Horticulture Vegetable Science is a passing degree in Graduation in Horticulture, Agriculture, Forestry, or its equivalent. With the second class honors degree from a recognized college or university.

Moreover, students who also have done graduation in agriculture and botany are eligible for admission to M.Sc. in Horticulture Vegetable Science. Additionally, the duration of M.Sc. in Horticulture Vegetable Science is of 2 years, divisible into four semesters.

Sturdy M.Sc. in Horticulture with Vegetable Science Colleges in Chandigarh

The course precisely provides good acquaintance about vegetables their growth, their cultivation, and their seedling process. For the proper application as well as learning, there is a need to consider selecting the best recommendable and recognizable colleges or universities, or institutes. 

Dolphin PG College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

MSc Horticulture Vegetable Science Colleges in Chandigarh

The college is tremendously providing the opportunity, having enormous courses of bachelors as well as masters in the field of Agriculture, Horticulture, paramedical, Pharmaceutical chemistry, biotechnology, and human genetics. 

Prominently, the college laid its foundation back in 2006, which is presently offering 12 several courses in an undergraduate as well as postgraduate program. Dolphin PG College is having good specialization in the field of Agriculture Sciences, Life Sciences, and Paramedical. The college works under the sponsorship of the “Yuva Education Society-New Delhi”. Formally the college was known as “Dolphin PG College of Life Sciences”.

The college is precisely improvising their branches all over India, with well-maintained infrastructure and technologically upgraded machinery. Dolphin PG College is giving well-driven enormous opportunities to the aspiring students, with experimental hands, and more developmental and practical skills.


The field is immersive the most require able in the human race, and the students opting for the field will be having tremendous growth in their careers. As the government is inventing various techniques as well as hybrid yielding. That eventually helps the student to have faith in agriculture. 

Therefore, choosing the college or university for MSc Horticulture Vegetable Science is the chief motive for personal as well as career growth. 

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