MSc Horticulture Vegetable Science Colleges in Punjab

MSc Horticulture Vegetable Science Colleges in Punjab

MSc Horticulture Vegetable Science Colleges in Punjab – Interestingly, the awareness of innovative scientific approaches to vegetable cultivation is bliss. And acknowledging admission to MSc Horticulture with a specialization in vegetable science is an essential step towards the career as vegetables are a major component of the Indian diet. Therefore, getting all the information regarding M.Sc. Horticulture Vegetable Science is a key aspect of acquiring in-depth knowledge about vegetables and their production.  

Ideologically, vegetable plays a major role in nutritional security and save considerable expenses on medication. Therefore, the knowledge of thrusting on a crop and its improvement is specialized during the learning of the course. Additionally, the involvement of precision farming including the GAP i.e. good agriculture practices, biotechnology, and organic production in vegetable cultivation is precisely in practice

Overview of MSc Horticulture Vegetable Science Colleges in Punjab

MSc Horticulture Vegetable Science is a 2-year postgraduate course in Agriculture with a specialization in vegetable science. In the course, the candidates are made aware, of innovative scientific approaches useful for vegetable cultivation. The postgraduate course renders diversification skills and tools of horticulture science and relatable technologies.

Proficiently, the students are made aware of the production fields useful in growing vegetables as well as the distinct aspects. The students can immensely employ their skills and talent creating new inventions in the research fields of vegetable science.

Eligibility Criteria

The duration of an MSc in Horticulture Vegetable Science is of 2 years, divided into four semesters.

The basic eligibility criteria essential for pursuing MSc in Horticulture Vegetable Science is a Graduation degree in agriculture or Horticulture along with the second class degree with honors under a recognized college or university.

The aspiring candidates who are having a graduation degree in botany are also eligible for admission to a postgraduate course.

Spire MSc in Horticulture Vegetable Science Colleges in Punjab 

MSc Horticulture Vegetable Science Colleges in Punjab

The farming State “Punjab” is primarily known for growing several productions of vegetables, rice, fruits as well as pulses. Moreover, for the best production and cultivation, many aspiring candidates are getting their involvement in the field of agriculture as well as horticulture. Thereby, having acknowledgment about the sturdy colleges and universities providing the opportunity is an immersive requirement.


Formerly, the college was known as Dolphin PG College of Life Sciences serving the ambitious planning for the preparation of their students in global markets accordingly to the demands. The college works under the sponsorship of “The Yuva Education Society- New Delhi”. Additionally, “Dolphin PG College” is nurturing its aspiring students by learning and acquiring the skills of becoming the world’s highest potential business entrepreneurs relatable with agriculture and their innovations.

Ideally, the college has a high-tech climate with a controllable greenhouse for training their students with the latest growing and upgraded technology. The agriculture coupling horticulture is tremendously initiating a laddering turn in the college while having hydroponics, aeroponics, and organic farming for exotic vegetables and fruits for domestic as well as international markets.


The university laid its foundation in the year 1962 for serving the state of Punjab. The university is having it well connection to the roads as well as a rail with the national capital. PAU is performing an integral function of teaching, researching, and extension in agriculture, and agricultural engineering along with home science and allied disciplines. The University is having well-equipped laboratories, a library, and lecture rooms coupled with an elaborate farm facility.

The PAU is playing a chief role in increasing the food grain production in the State with several folds share. Longley, the universities are having a reputation and ushering the state with an era of the Green Revolution. The university has also made notable contributions coupled with its appreciation for increasing livestock and poultry production. Additionally, with the recognition of outstanding achievements in agricultural research, education, and extension, the university is considerably the Best Agricultural University in India.


The University came into recognition under the Government of Punjab under the enactment of the State Legislature namely The Lovely Professional University Act (Act No.25 of 2005. Interestingly, the university is having the distinction of achieving the first self-financing University in the State of Punjab along with 9th position in India. 

Amongst its profile is the fact that the university is the largest in India in terms of the on-campus number of students and good placements. The university is serving the mission of becoming the premier academic institution with recognition in an international market.  


The university is a State Private University offering courses in multiple disciplines like agriculture arts, science, commerce, management, etc. interestingly, the university was established under Punjab State Act 20/2008 and is one of the Self-Financing universities. The management is under Sri Guru Granth Sahib, the 4th Memorial Trust. 

Moreover, Sri Guru Granth Sahib World University is set up to commemorate the historic event of the compilation and first installation of holy Sri Guru Granth Sahib. Ideally, the university is a historical and religious place sanctified with the unique martyrdom of the younger sahibzadas of Guru Gobind Singh Sahib. 


The production of vegetables is an enormous and essential aspect of an individual’s living. Therefore the correct and nutritious value is a requirement of the agriculturist. That how specifically they can initiate the learnings proceeding with its applications to give the new research as well as inventions.   

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