Paramedical College In Aligarh

Paramedical College In Aligarh

Paramedical College in Aligarh – Paramedical courses are related to the medical side. These include courses like nursing, operation theatre specialist, anesthesia, etc. Paramedical colleges are very important to maintain the health standards of the country and also to keep people healthy during the need of an hour.

Paramedical colleges produce healthcare professionals who can work in different medical areas like hospitals, camps, and war-torn areas of the world. To become the best healthcare professional one must study at a top most college. Dolphin PG College is the best college for paramedical courses in the country with experience of years in producing the best talents in the country.

Dolphin PG College 

Dolphin PG College is one such institution that has been operating admirably. The college has been the top paramedical school, turning out some of the most brilliant and gifted students who are currently serving across the nation. The college was founded in the year 2006, and the college has established itself as the top paramedical studies college in Aligarh. Moreover, the college is supported by the Punjabi government. The college provides a perfect learning environment for you to study in, and it is situated in a well-known area of Punjab. The personnel is also very experienced and highly qualified in the field of education. 

The college has developed a huge infrastructure in the form of laboratories which are equipped with modern tools, taking into account the practical, hands-on training that students receive. The college has a huge library which caters to the demands of all the readers. In addition to transportation services for staff and students from surrounding areas, there are two separate hostels for male and female students who come from far away. The college has filled its departments with competent and experienced faculty members. The college provides a wide range of courses in various subject areas. The best facilities are available to students at the college. Additionally, the college offers personality development programs to help people better themselves, so they can become more confident speakers in public, develop better coping mechanisms, and work under immense stress.

Dolphin PG College Offers many Different courses

The college offers many different programs that are designed according to world standards and can help each individual to achieve a set of skills that are required to work efficiently in the real world scenario. We will have a look at the different courses offered by Dolphin PG College.

  • Diploma in Medical Technology – Students who opt for this course will learn how to analyze samples and how to run diagnostic tests in clinical laboratory surroundings.
  • Diploma in operation theatre technology –  Students who have chosen this program learn how to manage an operating room and assist surgeons during procedures.
  • Diploma in Radio Technology – The Diploma in Radiography Technology program aims to instruct students in the use of CT scans, X-rays, and other imaging methods.
  • Bachelor in Occupational Therapy – The Bachelor of Occupational Therapy program provides students with the skills necessary to assist patients in gaining greater capacity to perform daily tasks and activities.
  • Bachelor of Optometry – The Bachelor of Optometry program teaches students to recognize, diagnose, and recommend corrective lenses for people with visual impairments. This field also has very good scope and handsome salaries.
  • The Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Technology (BMLT) program’s primary focus is on advanced training in laboratory techniques and technology.
  • The advanced techniques in the fields of radiography and imaging technology are covered in the bachelor of radiography and imaging technology degree.
  • A bachelor of science in nursing program focuses on producing nurses who can care for patients anywhere in the world.
  • Microbiology is a scientific discipline that focuses on studying the biology of microorganisms.

Why should one choose Dolphin PG College?

  • The college has Eleven years of distinction in the fields of agriculture science and life science.
  • They have won many Awards for Best Fisheries College of Punjab and Best Agriculture College by MHRD, New Delhi, in 2016. the first college in North India to offer a B.Sc. program in agribusiness management.
  • A Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Environmental Science Academy in New Delhi for supporting education.
  • They have Corporate links between more than 150 businesses.
  • 100% of students in the majority of classes at Punjabi University in Patiala place in the top positions in the best companies and hospitals.
  • The B.Sc. The Agribusiness Management course was introduced by the First College of North India.
  • They have Well-equipped labs with cutting-edge equipment including a CO incubator, an electrophoresis apparatus, an inverted microscope, and many more such types of equipment.
  • They have a Well-designed Poly House, Botanical Garden, Agriculture Farm, and Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory.
  • The Campus & Hostels have the facilities of WiFi.
  • The Faculty members have Great Qualifications and are very experienced.
  • They also have a Laboratory for Meteorological Observatory.
  • Modern conference space featuring an auditorium and online databases and software.
  • They also provide 24-hour medical facilities and a student cafeteria.
  • The college organizes Extracurricular and sports activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – which college is best for the paramedical courses in the country?

 A – Dolphin PG College is the best college for paramedical courses in the country

Q – where can I find the complete information about the Courses offered at Dolphin PG College?

A – one can visit the Dolphin PG College official website to get more information


The best choice you can make for your paramedical studies is to enroll at Dolphin PG College. It’s a place where fundamental skills like exposure, confidence, stress management, working under extreme stress, and other personality-building abilities are taught in addition to paramedical concepts. A person’s character is developed in college and stays with them for the rest of their life.