Top Agriculture Colleges In India

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Top Agriculture Colleges in India – In the Indian economy, Agriculture plays a vital role and this field requires a great demand for skilled professionals with the growing career foundations in this particular field. One can get a high paid job in private as well as government sector, after pursuing a graduation or post-graduation degree in agriculture. Moreover, the aspirants can also go for Agriculture Officer, Production Manager, Research Scientist, Farm Manager, and so on. And to avail, this entire one needs to go for the best college with great facilities and environment. As the career foundation depends upon the college we choose. So let us scroll down to know about the top agriculture colleges in India.

Top agriculture colleges in India

For those who are looking for a successful career in the field should take admission in any reputed institute or university to gain maximum benefits in the form of the best education, good faculty, well-equipped libraries, and placement opportunities. As studying in the best college can provide you a number of opportunities that may lead you towards a better career foundation in the Agriculture field. Here below is the top Agriculture colleges in India.

Top Agriculture Colleges in India | Dolphin College of Life Sciences

Dolphin (PG) College of Life Sciences, Chunni Kalan, Distt. Fatehgarh Sahib is affiliated to Punjabi University, Patiala is the leading agriculture college in India, with magnificent infrastructure, faculty, environment, staff and all the respective rules and regulations.

The college is duly recognized by University Grant Commission (UGC) & is also NAAC*****accredited. The college is also approved by Govt. of Punjab vide letter no. 8/103/2005-4-C1/34257, dated 30-12-2005. The aspirants every year prefer to get admission in the college because of its educational facilities, the staff is highly qualified and serves with the best education system.

Courses in Agriculture at Dolphin College of Life Sciences

Dolphin College of Life Sciences offers distinctive courses, diplomas, and degrees, with different eligibility criteria you can apply for the particular course and lead towards the agricultural field. Here below are some of the courses we offer:

Perks of Choosing Dolphin College of Life Sciences

Dolphin College of Life Sciences is the most admired educational institutes, it is considered as one of the most admired and leading college in India. It all because of its creative values and bring laurels to our nation by training the value-added manpower for industry, institute, and society. Here below are more perks of Dolphin College of Life Sciences:

  • For outstanding indoor classroom teaching and outdoor learning process, the college provides the world-class teaching platform established.  through multimedia seminars, high profile learning scenarios are provided like group discussion, invited lectures delivered by subject matter specialists of national repute.
  • Laboratory-based experiments to impart are the most extensive exposure to imbibe self-confidence in students.
  • By expert teachers in sustainable areas of Life Sciences & Agriculture Sciences, project work procedure with competent guidance and supervision.
  • Throughout the tenure of the student, management capabilities and efficient learning opportunities
  • Timely updating the knowledge in thrusts areas of need-based Science and Technology.
  • Committed to public demand in the areas of professional Sciences with dedication and Goodwill.
  • A large assemblage of infrastructure in a centralized laboratory with a consortium of high-quality precision parameters in analytical producers.


The aforementioned is the entire information regarding the Top Agriculture Colleges in India, that offers the top-notch facilities and an education system that leads the aspirants towards the great career foundation in the agriculture field. Here at Dolphin College of Life Sciences, you will get a number of courses from undergraduate to post-graduate. Here you will get to learn the theoretical as well as the experimental and practical approach of education that will build you strongly to go further in the aspiring field of agriculture.

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