Top Radiology Colleges In J&K

Top Radiology Colleges In J&K

Top Radiology Colleges In J&K – Radiology is a branch of medicine in which doctors study different images of the body produced by doing x-rays, ultrasound, and scans and then try to diagnose the disease. The doctors who study images and scans are referred to as Radiologists. This branch of medicine is very popular and is one of the main jobs in a hospital. It’s a skill that one develops by sheer hard work and dedication.

There are mainly 3 types of Radiology, Diagnostic Radiology, Interventional Radiology, and Radiation Oncology. In diagnostic Radiology, the doctor sees the skeleton or the structure inside your body and then tries to look for any unnatural symmetry or any changes that may point toward any disease. In interventional radiology, doctors use images of x-rays, CT scans MRI scans to find out the main cause of the disease. Or it can help to guide various procedures that require very clear assistance.

List of Top Radiology Colleges In J&K 2024

Dolphin PG college

Although many colleges teach medicine, Dolphin PG College has been the best college in the country by far where students not only learn medicine but also develop certain qualities that are most important for the medical profession.

The college was started in the year 2006 to deliver the best education in the medical field. The Yuva Education Society of New Delhi provides sponsorship for the college. Under the experience and leadership of Chairman Dr. Vinod Mittal, the college has named itself among the best Radiology colleges in the country. An independent, coeducational, top college, DOLPHIN (PG) COLLEGE offers its students the best infrastructure and the chance to become globally integrated individuals and to become professionals in radiology. The college now offers twelve postgraduate, undergraduate, and new courses which one can opt for and start their journey of becoming the best radiologist.

The college is affiliated to Punjabi University Patiala which is a very renowned university and is known for producing the best talent and doctors in the country. dolphin PG College offers many other courses related to medicine field which we will discuss briefly in the article. The college has a very good infrastructure and also has all the facilities that are required for a college to deliver the best education and morals to a student. The college has a big library that provides books on different areas of medicine where students can go are learn whatever they are interested in. In addition, the college offers personality development courses to help students become better people, enhance their public speaking abilities, and learn how to handle the pressures and stress of being a radiologist.

Courses offered by Dolphin PG College

The College has many different courses. It is up to you which course you want to choose for your development. There are courses related to the medical field for example BSc in Optometry  BSc in Radio Medical Imaging Technology and many other courses. One can also do a diploma in Radiography technology. There is also a course related to advanced training in laboratory techniques. Also one can go ahead for BSc Cardiac Care Technology. Also one can opt for a medical laboratory technology diploma. These courses are designed by professionals by keeping in mind the requirements and standards required to produce the best doctors. These courses will bring out the best in the student and they will be ready for real-world scenarios. 

Also, the college provides such an infrastructure that has facilities where students can get hands-on experience and can become a better version of themselves. The college also offers different nursing courses like Bachelor of science in Nursing and MSc in Microbiology

Why choose Dolphin PG College?

Dolphin PG College is one the most renowned and respected colleges in the country and is one of the best Radiology colleges in the country. The college offers many different programs and has the best infrastructure and other facilities. we will have a look at the key features of the college as to why it has become the preferred choice for students all over the country.

  • The college has the best infrastructure with the latest and new technology-equipped materials and tools.
  • They have HPLC, Fermenter, uv-vis Spectrometer, microscopes, cu incubator, electrophoresis apparatuses, and many other advanced types of equipment.
  • They have a poly house which is fully developed. Also, have a botanical Garden, agriculture farm, etc.
  • Separate hostel for boys and girls with wifi facilities.
  • The faculty is highly experienced and has industry knowledge. these are the professionals who have worked in hospitals.
  • They also have a separate lab for the meteorology department.  
  • Huge ground for sports and other activities. They have a huge campus where they organize different games and development programs.
  • They have medical facilities 24 hours and 365 days of the year. Also, have a cafeteria for the students to sit and have their meal.

Government Medical College, Jammu

The college was established in 1971, GMC Jammu offers 24 course options. The college offers full-time programs including undergraduate and graduate degrees including MD/MS and MBBS as well as diplomas. Candidates must qualify for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test to be eligible for undergraduate programs. Candidates interested in getting admitted into GMC Jammu must first fulfill the eligibility requirements of the college. The college offers PG Diploma and postgraduate training courses in addition to the MBBS program.

Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University

Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University is one of the list of top universities in Jammu and Kashmir. The university offers programs that require nothing more than meeting entry requirements for enrollment; Applicants do not need to compete with each other. It lures students by highlighting features like affordable fee range, experienced teachers, skill development, computerized laboratories, well-equipped classrooms, placement cells, and others.


If you are from Jammu and Kashmir and are seeking to become an experiment in the radiology department then Dolphin PG College is the best-suited option. The college has been the preferred choice for the people of Jammu and Kashmir. We have many students from J&K pursuing Radiology and others who have passed from the college with flying colors and are now serving in different parts of the country and world. Choose Dolphin PG College and you will become one of the best in radiology.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Which is the most trusted and best college for radiology?

A – Dolphin PG College is the best college for studying Radiology.

Q – Can we study operation theater and anesthesia techniques in Kashmir?

A – Dolphin PG College offers a three-year full-time undergraduate degree in Operation Theater and Anesthesia Technology. With us, students can also receive practical education under the supervision of operation theater experts.