List of Paramedical Courses in India

List of Paramedical Courses in India

List of Paramedical Courses in India  – One of the most creative and innovative medical workers is the paramedic. Professional paramedics are in high demand both domestically and internationally. In India, there is a great need for paramedics, and there are many different courses that one can pursue. Here we will go through a list of paramedical courses in India Emergency medical cases are the focus of paramedical science. Dolphin (PG) College of Science and Agriculture Paramedical College are medical colleges that train future doctors to provide life-saving care to trauma victims.

List of Paramedical Courses in India

Here one can learn paramedical courses and become an efficient healthcare provider. There is a high demand for professional paramedics both domestically and internationally. For 12th-class students, Paramedical offers a variety of courses. Students who have successfully completed class 12th in science and biology are eligible for paramedical courses. Courses in Paramedicine offer a better scope, attractive salary, better employability, and higher job satisfaction, as well as strong growth and international opportunities.

Why Choose Paramedical Courses?

A paramedic’s curriculum covers a range of health-related topics, including radiography, medical laboratory technology, and emergency medical services. These programs can train students to become paramedics, medical technicians, and other types of healthcare workers. They provide the information and competence needed to support doctors and nurses in delivering medical treatment to patients. Paramedical courses can also provide a launching pad for learners interested in a career in the healthcare industry.

List of Top Paramedical Courses in India 2023

There are many courses available at various educational levels in the vast field of paramedicine. This category includes all medical technicians, including radiologists, nurses, physicians, and others. As a result, the range of paramedical courses will be wider. Below is the list of paramedical courses in India to enroll in to help you choose –

  • Diploma in Nursing Care Assistant
  • BSc Nursing
  • MSc Nursing (Obstetrics and Gynaecology)
  • MSc Pediatric Nursing
  • MSc Psychiatric Nursing
  • MD Radiodiagnosis
  • MD Pathology
  • MD Anaesthesia
  • MSc Community Health Nursing
  • MSc Health Nursing

Paramedical Courses After 12th Science And Fees

After passing class 12, students have many employment options. Engineering, medicine, and business administration are the most popular professional choices, but there’s no one way to determine your career path. You can also do paramedical studies after completing the 12th class. The health sector is an important field, and paramedical courses can prepare students for a variety of lucrative careers.

The cost of paramedical education ranges from 3 to 4 lakhs (per year) depending on the program. Health education and the study or practice of medicine are the main subjects of paramedical courses. Courses in paramedicine aim to educate students for jobs as paramedics, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, and other healthcare professionals who do not practice clinical medicine.

Top Colleges Offering Paramedical Courses in India

Here are the top colleges in India for Paramedical courses:

Dolphin (PG) College of Science and Agriculture

University College of Medical Sciences, University of Delhi

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj University, Navi Mumbai

All India Institute of Medical Sciences

Armed Forces Medical College, Pune

Swami Vivekanand Institute of Engineering & Technology

Kasturba Medical College Manipal University, Manipal

Christian Medical College, Ludhiana

Why Choose Paramedical as a Career?

One of the best careers you can have is one in which you are passionate about alleviating the suffering of people. The paramedical sector works closely with the healthcare sector. Many talented and capable individuals work in this business and some Indian companies have been pioneers in this.

During a pandemic, the need for paramedics also increases as medicine is one of the most important elements to survive the maze. Although this field is fast-paced and difficult, it offers rewards similar to those of the industry.


Hence, you can take advantage of the vast career potential of this field by choosing a program from the list of Paramedical courses in India above! Choosing the best university and course for you can be challenging, but with the help of Dolphin (PG) College of Science & Agriculture, you can complete psychometric tests and brainstorming sessions that will enable you to make an informed decision. The choice about your career.

Frequently Asked Questions About Paramedical Courses

Q – Which paramedical course is best in India?

A – As per career opportunities and income offers, the best paramedical courses are B.Sc Nursing, B.Sc MLT, BPT, and DMLT.

Q – Is paramedical a good career?

A  – Graduates in the paramedical professions have many employment options, and there is a growing need for professionals with this training.

Q – Which paramedical course has the most future potential?

A –  As per reports, BSc Nursing offers the best job prospects and educational flexibility among paramedical programs. There is a critical need for qualified nurses and support personnel following the pandemic.